Sample Essay on Reading Narrative Essays: Mendoza’s Between a Woman and her Doctor

The writer uses description to describe how the baby appeared and in describing her distress at the realization that no one was willing to help her out in her time of need. The law made it impossible to access doctors that had experience in the procedure she required to expel the dead child inside of her.  The most vivid descriptions included the one where she was informed that the fetus in her womb was dead. The other vivid instance is when she visited the pregnant doctor who was mad at her family physician for having dumped her (writer) in their institution. The reason why these are vivid is that they are laden with emotions.

Discuss how the writer creates specific scenes set in specific times and specific locations.  What impact does this have on the essay and how the reader responds to it?

The writer chronicles her journey from her doctor to several other medical institutions and a likely trip to a foreign country in search of a doctor willing to perform a procedure that might be considered illegal. The use of different scenes helps in making the reader follow the actions that took place in the story in addition to enhancing imagery.

Discuss the impact of the use of dialogue.  How does the dialogue lend immediacy to the essay?

Most of the dialogue used in the essay is from physicians, and they have the common feature of expressing their apathy towards the writers suffering. The dialogue makes the reader develop deeper concern for the suffering of the writer.

Discuss the shape of the essay; how does it build to a climax that is eventually resolved?

the essay begins with the announcement by the doctor that the fetus carried by the writer is dead. The reason for death is not known, and this is compounded by the difficulties that follow in trying to a doctor to expel the dead fetus. The search for a willing doctor builds the story to a climax, and it is resolved after the writer undergoes dilation and evacuation procure. The cause of death of the fetus is finally identified as choking on the umbilical cord.

Discuss the overall lesson that the writer is conveying in this essay.  What did he or she learn through the experiences?

The lesson that the writer is trying to convey is that some laws passed by the congress are retrogressive and can even result in working against the well-being of the citizens. The writer learned the long term effects of laws created to limit the scope of medical practice.

Discuss what you learned from the essay that will assist you in writing Essay 1: Writing to Share Experiences.

The writer moves back and forth from her story about the struggle of having a dead fetus inside her to the legal background that caused her this suffering. As a result, this expanded the scope and usefulness of the essay.