Sample Essay on Progression III

After watching Progression III, I made some insightful observations about how people behave, act, talk, look, as wellas use body language in crowded settings such as restaurant, bar, coffee shops, classroom and student unions amongst others.In particular, I observed for about one hour how a mother and her daughter interacted in a restaurant. The two pairs went to the restaurant for a cup of coffee. There were many other customers at the restaurant making it a crowded place.

After observing the two pairs for close to one hour, I realized that their interaction and communication was more personal. The pair seemed happily enjoying the communication and interaction. They kept it cool discussing only private issues close to their heart. However, they seemed not comfortable with anybody contributing to their discussion. The lady smiled several times as she listened to her mum. The communication was like advice from mother to her daughter. The mother rarely sued body language. However, the daughter used body language quite often. The daughter was calm and always waited for their turn to talk, act, and speak.This behavior could be explained by her respect towards the mother. As a young lady, it was ethical and logical for her to refrain from interrupting her mother.

The mother was more assertive in her communication and interaction with her daughter. She communicated assertively while at the same time expressing love to the daughter. The mother was acting this way because she was guiding her daughter. Her parenting role and responsibility made her act assertively when communicating to her daughter. On the other hand, the daughter was more submissive and obedient towards her mother throughout their interaction at the restaurant. She recognized the fact that she is young and needs her mother’s guidance. Her position in the family as a child made her act with respect, obedient and submission towards her mother.