Sample Essay on My Version of an Optimum Government

The fundamental purpose of my government will be to achieve the supreme good for all its citizens. This will not be translated to mean that the citizens in the state will not have subjective feelings that will please them, but they will be provided with good reasons for considering and evaluating the state of their well-being. My government will enable all actions, which are perceived as good by people, to be practiced in this community. Just laws will be created to ensure that all citizens practice justice, obey laws, and civic duties that will enable them to achieve their destinations.

My government will achieve its fundamental purpose by prescribing certain forms of conduct, as Aristotle acknowledges, it is paramount for every government to have laws that are provided through the constitution. The laws of this government will cover both the private and the public spheres of life for all people in this community. The reason for implementing laws that will enable the achievement of the fundamental purpose is to create a framework within which virtues can be practiced.

Democracy will be the ideal form of government for this community; this is because it will be a government that will present many. My government will be structured into three main components, namely; the executive, legislature, and the judiciary. The reason for having three bodies is to ensure that the community is well represented. The executive will have one person; the president, who will introduce laws and turn down laws. He will command the army, but will not wage war on others without the consent of the other component; the legislative. A special committee will head the legislature, the committee will be selected by community members; the main function of the legislature will be to create laws. The judicial component will be the court system and will be responsible for solving cases in the community; this body will also be responsible for determining if the laws created by the legislative are within the confines of the community’s constitution. The political party that wins the majority of seats in the elections will form my government; this is because this party will be representing the people’s choice.

My government will be responsible for protecting people’s life, their liberty, and property. In its affirmative role, the government will create programs that will help to foster the moral and ideological goals in the community. The interaction of my government with society will take place in many forms; my government will help in creation of government capacities, develop of institutions for providing crucial social amenities, for example, security. Through integrated development, the government will be institutionalizing the participation of the society in key development areas.

A stance on the property will be enumerated and argued for in my government, this is because all human rights and freedoms are indirectly interconnected to the right of exclusive ownership of property. The government will adopt an individual property right as the most ideal property arrangement in this community. Communal ownership is discouraged because it can develop ill feelings between the people who get a good income and those who work hard without getting extra benefits. The government will create a just society where the principle of demarcated property will remain valid.

Many people will choose to live under this government because of the ideals that it presents. All the people living in the community have a right to life, liberty, and happiness; the created government will help in protecting people’s rights. The government will be significant in the promotion of justice and equality in the community, these aspects will be important, as they will make the community operate with ease.