Sample Essay on Misplaced Value in Money

In its present state, our society suffers multiple challenges whose importance varies from one individual to the next. However, after scrutiny, none of them such as corruption and violence appears to stand alone but present the symptoms of one, which should be considered the most important, misplaced value in money. The idea that material wealth is in a way linked to personal, as well as societal benefit, has developed over the years from a simple drive for success, which evolved into the unquenchable lust for money. This misplaced attachment of value to money drives the most unthinkable of inhumane and unethical activities in our societies, from the looting of robbers to bribery by government officials and murder.

In the real sense, money is a means of exchange for the actual objects of value in the form of goods and services. These valuable aspects require the most intricate of human endeavors to accomplish, and therefore, a person and his or her efforts should be the most valuable aspect of society.

In my opinion, a radical shift in ideology is desperately required in our society in order to adequately address this issue. While the desired change in our political leadership is necessary, it is my view that the family unit is the most suitable point of leadership, and should be the most active in instituting ideological change. This strategy will allow all future leaders and employees alike to develop a deep-seated understanding of human worth and direct their endeavors at improving and enhancing that. In such a society, hard work results in financial success as opposed to the current state where pursuit of economic success is the ultimate goal. The institution of such a paradigm shift in the according of values will eventually cause a ripple effect across all spheres of society.