Sample Essay on Midterm Reflection

The most substantial problems with my writing are in following proper paper formats. I am yet to grasp the correct format of styles such as MLA. This problem originates from a lack of constant review of the formats, which is essential as they are being upgraded frequently. The greatest strength of my writing is in the review of recent research findings. I have acquired the skills through summary writing by identifying the major points and highlighting the sentences, which are applicable to my topics. I attribute my success in these areas of writing to the acquired skills in research writing I acquired in class. The skill has enabled me to begin my paper by defining complicated terms and writing the papers in a flowing manner.

The progress I am making in my research project is in organization, which is central to successful writing. I have learned that it is necessary to have a clear idea of the research and include it at the beginning of the paper. The most challenging aspects I anticipate in my research and writing over the next month will be in writing correct citations for all the references. This is because I will be expected to include different sources in my writings. The plans I have devised enable me to meet the challenges, constantly collect new information regarding the writing formats, and apply a new strategy in retrieving the required information from peer-reviewed sources. The elements of writing I would like to learn more in class are how to write a balanced review of the primary research literature. To include an in-depth balanced review of the research, I have to include relevant questions before conducting the research. In some instances, I will have to find out how to include laboratory reports.