Sample Essay on Memoir

The auditorium was filled completely. All ages of people had booked for the concert. I could see children playing with their mother’s bags, men, and women waiting with anticipation for the presentation. Through the screen in the dressing room, I could see my mom and dad holding their hands and looking into each other’s eyes. I could almost feel my dad reassure mom that I would do my best. As I stood in my dressing room, my heart skipped a beat. I had never stood in front of such a multitude. I was shaken to the core since I have always been a shy, fearful introvert. I was often terrified of facing many people. The encouragement from my coach, Mr. Jon sounded like sweet music to my ears. My mind was gone. I was visualizing myself in the great podium, looking so tiny yet singing my heart out and receiving a standing ovation from my audience who had paid much to be there. In my view, this could only happen in a dream.

Dad and mom were a great duo. I always heard them sing since I was a little child. My dad was good at the piano while mom loved her guitar. Every evening, dad and mom always called us for a time of devotion. Before anything else was done, they could sing a duet and help us sing along to the beautiful tunes. My elder brother, who is five years older, enjoys playing drums. He acquired these skills during the devotions and learned to play them as we sang the hymns. Today, he is part of a famous performing band in the city. As my make- up artist applied some powder on my face, I remembered a saying that I once heard when I was a little boy. My teacher in grade two would encourage us to sharpen our skills since it would definitely make room for us in the future to dine with great people (Jordan 67). This brightened my heart. I smiled broadly knowing that this was a golden opportunity for me to showcase my vocal skills.

“Hey lad, we got five minutes to go. Are you ready?” Mr. Jon asked. “Sure!” I replied confidently yet in fear. “Don’t panic at all. Remember you are a great vocalist and we are here for you. Just give it your all and everything will fall into place, right?”  He asked. “Yes sir”, I replied. As I left the dressing room towards the auditorium, I could hear Mrs. Jeannette give a motivational talk to the audience. She was giving the story of her life. She had become a highly successful entrepreneur and a motivational speaker in the city despite the many obstacles on her journey up. This reminded me of a book that I had read in the previous month that talked about overcoming obstacles The author, Michael, helped me realize that obstacles are often meant to strengthen one’s vision and dream (144).

Before long, I heard the master of ceremony call me to the stage. The auditorium was well decorated with flashing lights and different colors. Standing on the big podium made me feel so tiny since it was too big. I closed my eyes as the music from the piano started. I knew that I had to make my parents and coach proud after being invited to this event as the guest singer in the junior category. I had composed a song, “Moving higher” and had it approved by my mentor and parents as the best for this occasion. I loved it so much and sang my heart out as I looked into the horizon, avoiding eye contact with my audience. My voice was fine, but shaky at first. I felt sweat rush through my forehead and hands.

The chords from the piano were refreshing, and the drummer did his best with the beats. I enjoyed myself and got encouraged with the applause from my audience. As I sang through my last stanza, I went on my knees since it was a prayer to the Almighty. I was begging Him to lead me through. Tears filled my eyes; I so badly needed to push through my obstacles. As I looked up, I was met by hundreds of people on their feet. Clapping and cheering hard. I could see happiness written all over their faces. This is what they had been waiting for. I knew I had done my best and given it my all. I felt a satisfaction in me that I had accomplished that which had brought me to this event. I slowly bowed and waved to the audience. With loud applause, I was sent out of the podium back to my dressing room. I felt like a star.

“You never disappoint lad, you never. I am so proud of you”, said Mr. Jon. “This is the best presentation I have seen in my entire life!” said the master of ceremony. I was overwhelmed, still in disbelief. I had confronted the obstacle of fear of multitudes. I came out of it strong and proud. Through this experience, I learned that facing one’s fears is the only pathway to thriving (Standridge & Mandela 67).



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