Sample Essay on Making Change in my Neighborhood

People aspire to live in neighborhoods that are secure, hygienic, and attractive. I applaud our leaders for what they have already achieved in ensuring safety and health in our neighborhood. However, our neighborhood is in need of more changes in terms of safety, leisure, security, and environmental conservation. Families need to be guaranteed that their children would return home safely, and that their health would not be in jeopardy when enjoying outdoor activities. I know it requires careful planning and enough funds to satisfy all the societal needs, but having proper management of funds and having priorities can help in making the appropriate changes in our neighborhood.

One of the most essential factors that attract people to a particular neighborhood is safety, and it comes in different forms. Although most of the roads have footpaths on both sides, they lack bike lanes. Bearing the fact that our resident is built along a busy highway, there is a need to enhance safety for children, as well as adults, who enjoy moving around the residential area using bicycles. The council should also consider putting speed limits on streets that pass through residential areas to avoid unnecessary loss of lives. The council should invest on an extra footbridge in this area to enable residents save time when moving from one side of the neighborhood to the other. We should consider the elderly in the community, who cannot walk long distances, yet they prefer walking to visit their friends.

It is quite unfortunate that our neighborhood does not have a social hall, despite having different talents, especially among young people. A social hall is an essential facility where individuals with talents can exhibit them and entertain the residents, rather than going to seek audience in other neighborhoods where their talents may not be recognized. A social hall can also be used by the community to hold forums to discuss issues that can improve our neighborhood. For instance, gun violence has really increased among the youth, and this implies that young people require counseling to avoid engaging in drugs and violence. This will encourage young people to attend counseling sessions due to proximity to their homes. Young people need motivation as they pursue their life goals, and having some individuals within the community who can undertake that duty is vital for their future endeavors. The best place to conduct such activity is in the community social hall.

Every resident has a task to keep the environment dirt-free, as well as utilize it in the most appropriate way. The council should convince residents to join hands and plant trees along the streets that lead to our houses. Planting trees will make our neighborhood beautiful, in addition to facilitating the absorption of toxic gases from the nearest industries. I have visited several neighborhoods in this state, and this idea amazed me, as I could see families with kids walking along the streets and enjoying fresh air from trees and flowers. Having beautiful footpaths would persuade people to walk, rather than use their vehicles to move for a short distance, which is essential in maintaining good health.

As the population continues to rise in this neighborhood, the pressure for housing goes up, leading to the encroachment of public land by the private investors. The council should set aside land for the development of a reaction park, where children, as well as adults, can enjoy their free time. A high population implies more children and more space for relaxation. People do not enjoy their free time in a crowded place. They tend to look for areas that would offer maximum benefits. Thus, an establishment of a public recreation park would be beneficial to residents, who need time to get away from the normal responsibilities.

The local council may argue that it does not have adequate funds to support the aforementioned projects because there are other projects that need to be undertaken. The council may also assert that it is extremely hard to please everyone, hence, it would continue with what it has planned to provide to the residents. However, people need an assurance of their safety and security, regardless of the situations in the council’s offices. The execution of waste disposal project and the electrification of our local game reserve did not take a single day. Even if the local council continues to offer services without the approval of the residents, people will complain of poor utilization of funds. Hence, our leaders should push the local government to allocate some funds in the projects that satisfy the interests of the majority in this neighborhood.

Our neighborhoods offer us the chance to alter our society through change. Leaders play a huge role in ensuring that residents get the basic services. However, change may not happen if leaders do not consult residents. The council should focus on ways to bring people together by offering services that are essential in transforming their lives. Having safe roads, pollution-free environment, and recreation facilities can improve the lives of people in their neighborhoods. When people are happy in their neighborhoods, they tend to be more productive and collaborative.