Sample Essay on Making a Visual Argument: Diversity Posters


The United States is made up of a variety of societies from different ethnic, religious, educational, sexual, as well as racial backgrounds that strive to make one great nation. Nevertheless, finding the balance for all society remains an image and not a reality. Varieties of individuals have been subjected to a variety of prejudicial judgment causing activist movements across different fields. One of those activist groups provides an avenue to pass their message through graphical posters known as ‘Diversity Poster’. On February 22, 2017, high school teachersin Maryland Countywere advised to take down posters considering they depicted political views. Nevertheless, the poster seemed to portray a similar message to other previous posters. It from this premise that this paper attains its thesis highlighting on three different diversity posters andhow does each poster define diversity; which visual argument are most as well as least appealing  as well as why.


The United States is made up of people from a variety of social, economic, ethic, racial, gender as well as sexual backgrounds. Throughout US history the notion of a difference through the dissimilarity in background assets have been evident. From the time of slavery to current periods, racism is a prevailing factor. Additionally, currently issues based on religion as well as sexuality have also become significant considering the number of prejudicial behavior; for instance, mass shooting against the LGBT by Omar SaddiquiMateen  at a gay club in Orlando. From such actions a number of activist have presented their messages in support of different targeted individuals. An example of this is the ‘Diversity Poster’ movement. Over the years, a number of posters have been presented to highlight on the unification of the community despite a variety of dissimilar background factors (Lunsford, John and Keith, p.73). Nonetheless, despite the virtue behind the posters On February 22, 2017, high school teachers in Maryland County were advised to take down all ‘Diversity posters’(Liebelson, The poster particularly in question was that presented by Shepard Fairey.


The picture titled ‘Defend Dignity’ was presented to go against the anti-Muslim prejudices promoted by a number of political leaders. The notion of taking the poster down to this date remains unexplained. A number of similar of similar posters have been displayed to depict a similar message yet they never faced such a reaction as that displayed by Shepard Fairey.

Talk about It Be about It     

The ‘Talk About It Be About It’ poster was published by artist Wendy Aguilar on July 3, 2013. It depicted individuals from different gender, sexual, racial as well as cultures in this term pop culture placed in one central piece.The most appealing factor about this poster is the depicted on how the different faces, highlighting dissimilar backgrounds are united to form one central piece. Despite its vivid view on diversity the poster does not cover the different backgrounds observed in the US; for instance, there is no way to know who is Christian, Hindu or Muslim when looking at the poster.


Reflect on Yesterday; experience today: transform tomorrow

This poster give a true depiction of the American diversity paradox. During the time of slavery the differences between races was evident with some individuals being considered less of human and more of a property. The current society does have prejudicial ideologists; however much the differences of the people is not highlighted. Nonetheless, there are a variety of mechanisms that are a variety of mechanisms that are in place that will change diversity tomorrow. The image used is significantly the stand out factor on the poster. However, it can be argued as unclear, considering the fact that though it shows a difference it does not highlight on what particular issue at hand. s


Unity within the Community   

The poster designed by Max Smith is in the form of the letter D standing in for the ‘Diversify’.  The appealing factor about this poster is based on the inclusion of a great number of different socially dividing aspects ranging from religion, race, religion, gender, as well as sexual orientation. The poster is all encompassing without being vague in any way. This poster to some extent may be argued to be near perfect. Its only weakness is the lack of direction to future perceptions.



The United States is a nation fashioned from diverse backgrounds religiously, racial, sexually, economical as well as gender-based disparities. The gap created between these individuals is considerably wide and activist groups have come up with a number of ways to unite the community. Diversity posters for years have graphically helped to portray how the community is one; nonetheless, 2017 has seen controversy arise when one of the posters was identified as political in nature. However, this does not seem to be the notion considering that a variety of such posters have been used in the past to pass the same message but have not been termed as political. The ‘Talk about It Be about It’ poster highlight an American society that has different racial diversity; the ‘Reflect on Yesterday; experience today: transform tomorrow’ poster provides an avenue of changing prejudicial notions. Finally, the ‘Unity within the Community’ highlights on one community made up of dissimilar backgrounds. Diversity posters are unifying they indicate one US community.

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