Sample Essay on how writers apply the skill evaluation and criteria

‘Red, White, and Beer’ and ‘does the internet make you Smarter or dumber’

Question One

The two articles, ‘Red, White, and Beer’ and ‘does the internet make you dumber’ approach the skills of criteria and evaluation differently. The article ‘does the internet make you dumber’ by Carr found in Wall Street Journal makes many rhetorical appeals to for credibility or the “trust me” appeal to Ethos. While Barry’s article ‘Red, White, and Beer’ humorously describes the patriotism extreme amounts in Miller beer commercial (Barry 452-453). In Carr’s article’s Ethos appeal produces an appeal towards the author depicted by author’s credibility and knowledge. The humoristic display by Barry of patriotism gained when one drinks beer is comparable is those in commercials (Carr 21-24).With the proof of evidence collected  Carr suggests this is not his opinion by identifying scientific studies. He uses rhetorical appeals by referring Logos or reason in the article the internet as being “shallow.”  “Does the internet make you dumber” article uses emotion to make the readers believe if they do not agree with this statement they may be less intelligent or shallow. Statements in Carr’s article introduce guilt to the reader in the whole document thus generating anxiety (Carr 21-24).

Question Two

I find various writing techniques most appealing about both essays. First, is Barry’s analogy which portrays the way commercials by companies advertise humorously. Through his writings, Dave Barry keeps the readers attentive.  His audience realizes the effects by his analogy of beer commercials (Barry 452-453).Both writers approach the skill of criteria and ability in a like manner where both display familiarity with the topic and thus respond with confidence to complex questions.  The structure of the articles differ and use of transitional elements that follow the convention of the field.

Question Three

            If i was the writer of the ‘Red, White, and Beer’, I would implement the criteria of concrete which articulates ideas and persuasively present complicated discussion. With Concrete criteria the objects may be evaluated and measured to standard. The use of sophisticated arguing and tinkering strategies should be well displayed. I should have an understanding of natural language and not use a different register. Professional vocabulary should be appealing thus allowing gaps to be overcome readily by circumlocutions.

Works cited

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