Sample Essay on How to Write an Effective Email

There are various approaches which a sender can use to ensure that the message that is communicated via email get the attention of the recipient. This is referred to as email etiquette as much as spoken language has its own etiquette. All emails have to be addressed officially to the recipient whether is a superior or a junior or somebody who is well known by the sender or not. The sender should include a meaningful subject header that will vividly put forward and clarify whatever he or she wants to communicate. The subject line plays a key role in prioritizing whether the recipient should read the message. The email has to be opened with greetings to the recipient such as “Dear Dr. Simon”. Additionally, the email should be written obeying the rules of standard writing in its spelling, punctuation and capitalization of the letters. The paragraphs that bear the content should be short and address the intended point or information in a direct manner. The email written should not be unnecessarily long to avoid wasting the time of the recipient reading it. The contents of the email should be cordial and friendly and should not bear any jokes or inappropriate remarks. On the other, the recipient has to ensure that he or she respondents to the email within an appropriate time frame that is reasonable. The response time is tied to the expectations of the recipient as well as the subject at hand that is being discussed. The old messages in an email should be trimmed or deleted in order to keep in check the size of the message preventing it from being too large as well as keeping the messages neat and clean. Both the sender and recipient should ensure that confidentiality and privacy is maintained in their communication. Sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, bank pins and credit card information should not be communicated over the email. Security should be enhanced by installing anti-virus software to scan the incoming and out coming messages. The sender should by all means avoid attaching files of large sizes on their emails. The sender should ensure that his or her email has been proofread before it is send to the recipients to weed out errors and unnecessary information.