Sample Essay on Ferrari

Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car. Its manufacturer is based in Maranello, and it is made in Italy. Enzo Ferrari established it in 1929 as Scudery Ferrari. Ferrari is an Italian family surname; therefore, Ferrari has roots from Italy, and it looks like an Italian design. Italy produces the international’s impressive designer cars and speed cars. Ferrari is an impressive car with a high speed.


Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (F.i.a.t) means Italian Car Company of Turin. The car originated from the city of Torino in Italy. Its rebirth in 1899 was the beginning of a legend and a modern symbol for Italian design. Its roots are from Italian values, sentiments, culture, and sensibilities. Thus, f.i.a.t is an Italian car, and it has an icon for Italian design

Fukasawa Designs

Naoto Fukasawa is famous for his product design skills. He was born in 1956 in Yamanashi. Naoto Fukasawa was an in-house designer engaging in microelectronic devices and watches. He later established Fukasawa design currently based in Tokyo. Traditional Japanese designs are notions that seem to be foreign. It is a good exercise of imaginative thinking for changing perceptions and concepts.

However, according to Fukawasa’s electronic design, the Japanese design means observing objectively. It also means being animalistic, aware of the living nature, and a pure element in the larger environment. Each design is unique, and a design never connects to dryness or emptiness due to the hidden meaning of design ideas sculptured with refined design forms and economic. In addition, a design should put into consideration the human element by supporting the emotional over the intellectual. Design without thought is Fukasawa’s design philosophy