Sample Essay on Fallacies in the Media’s Spotlight

In another logical fallacy case, the United States president was overhead during the second presidential elections claiming that Washington was making health decisions for women care. The president went further to claim that the Obama care bill that was being introduced would give such privileges to insurance companies. In realty, women healthcare plans are never in any way made by politicians. Their healthcare needs are made by them basing on their personal choices and preferences. Therefore it is inaccurate for the president to claim that the other parties are making arrangements for women yet the same law that they follow are also making such laws for the women in the society.  It is true that women are not making their choices on matter based on their health because politicians are busy making such choices for them in the society, something that in the first place should not be happening.

Equally shocking are the fairy tale explanation made by the president regarding the economic nature of the health insurance. The president claimed that the health issues was not only confined to the health sector but also to issues related to economics. If the health insurance company are to pay for the health cover as suggested by the president is expected that the money would have to come from some source. When the insurance companies pay for the drugs the money comes from the taxpayer’s money meaning that it will still trickle down to individuals in the society. Therefore the suggestion by the president that insurance health schemes are better compared to other mechanism is false since the cost has been financed from the pockets of individuals in the society.