Sample Essay on Fallacies in the Media’s Spotlight

A fallacy can either be formal or informal. Formal or logical fallacies refer to errors or mistakes in the argument form. The straw man fallacy is the most common used by many politicians in the media. President Barrack Obama is among personalities using logical fallacies. In this fallacy, someone argues a position not held by the other parties. The president uses this fallacy in various speeches and recently during the second inaugural address. A good example is when the president stated that all individuals have ability to do a specific task all alone without government intervention. Another example was when the president stated that they have to balance between abandoning the old people for the new generation. Similarly, saying all the gay people should be treated equally is a straw man fallacy because they share the same constitutional rights as any other person would have.

As said earlier, the president stated that no single person can train all teachers in the country, build roads or come up with new businesses. As in straw man fallacy, it is true that no single person can do all those jobs, but that does not mean that the government should immediately intervene. Just as an architect cannot build a skyscraper alone, they need an engineer and other field workers. The same case goes to what the president said because private citizens can also agree to cooperate among themselves without getting help from the government. Private citizens not being able to handle certain or all responsibilities is not the same as them not being able to handle any responsibility at all.

In another example, the president rejects forcing Americans to choose between caring for the generation that built the country or to invest in the generation that will build its future. No one is proposing to stop caring for the old generation or not to invest in the future ones. This is a logical fallacy when the question should be how much the government can be able to afford on each generation. To add on that no one is proposing or supporting the abolition of elderly programs or those for the disabled in the society and the country at large.

Last but not least, the president argues that all is not well until all the gay women and men in the states are treated fairly according to the law and also by one another. In this fallacy, no one believes that the gay community should be treated unequally. The Constitution was founded on principles that provide for equal rights for all citizens whether gay or straight. As much as many people know the function of marriage is love, some gay critics oppose this and have their views saying they oppose gay marriage is a logical fallacy. Lastly, the president states that the United States and its citizens should find better ways of welcoming hopeful immigrants who see the United States as a place of better opportunity. This too is a logical fallacy because the United States shut off immigration completely and is not coming up with a new policy on immigration any time soon. The question being argued is what to do with the people who immigrated to US and are not following the law or in contradiction to its law. These are some of the logical fallacy used by the president.