Sample Essay on Evolution for Everyone

Question One
Evolution Theory: Heritability

Evolution theory denotes the heritability of genes from one generation to the other. This indicates that evolution is taking place. He, therefore, seems to defend the work of Charles Darwin about evolution. The most interesting thing to me is the manner in which Wilson explains the connection between evolution and heredity. By reading this topic, I would like to ascertain human origin through genes association. It is an essential part in the sense that I will in a position to arrive at a formidable conclusion about evolution theory.

Question Two
Evolution and Human Society

Human societies have expressed a lot of mixed reaction to research on evolution. Civilized human beings depict improved features that were not originally presence in the egalitarian society. Some of the actions brought out in the text include individual aspirations to pursue personal interests at the expense of society. This means that the overall objectives and goals of human beings is to go for the things that he or she needs most in his or her life. Evolution in this case, depends a lot on the prevailing competition within groups defined by their status in the community. This has not only affected the way people behave but also how different generation differs in behavioral tributes. In addition, evolution account for diverse social characteristics such as humility and unity. He devotes much of his time in discussing the human eye and the body in general.  Human effects enhance Human Cooperation and species growing in one way or another. Species exists in a group and have a direct relationship while at the same time depending on each other. My interest is to explore more about human characters that depicts their association to group dynamism. Specifically, I intend to invest much time learning about human effects.

Question Three
Cultural Evolution

Wilson dissects the issues that pertain to cultural practices and activities. He expands and explains religion as one of the cultural activities in evolutionary terms. The beliefs set by one generation in the lineage facilitate the continuation of species. Other cultural aspects such as traditions and political welfare of a group of people are included in this study. The use of Aesthetic (beauty) and female role in the community examines the systematic composition and structuring of the human society. Darwin idea of social structure is widely featured in this article. One of the quotes and example used includes the religious social physiology influence on cheating from inside (within). Cooperation and social activities amongst bees is crucial to the study of human behavior. This subject takes the better part of my interest in this text and I am dedicated to pursue social life in human.

Question Four

Chapter thirty two talks about the ethical systems in the society that helps maintain law and order.  The writer is articulate to investigate the role of ethics to the human society. Moreover, ethic is a wide topic that calls for exceptionally research. Therefore, if a society lacks the most basic features such as ethics; it is deemed to raise a corrupt generation that does not adhere to rules and regulations.  Technology has transformed people’s lives in a great way. This has presented some problems to the traditions and cultural beliefs. The contemporary world disregards common rules established in the past hence attracting diverse groups through discussions.