Sample Essay on Environmental Preservation


We live in a world every individual is encouraged to apply the three R’s applicable in reducing and preventing environmental pollution. The three R’s refer to reduce, reuse, and recycle of materials. They ought to be applied in ensuring the rate at which global citizens are polluting the environment declines. For example, people should identify how to create products from discarded materials to attain the recycling and reusing strategy applicable in reducing environmental pollution. Consequently, they should strive to produce tasteful and functional products for daily use to reduce pollution. A focus on the movie ‘Marwencol’ and television show ‘Steam Punk’ inspired the idea of making a lamp from recycled and cheaply available materials.

The Movie Marwencol

Marwencol is a documentary that focuses on the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp. It focuses on the life of Mark who after being beaten and left in a coma for nine days due to brain damages obtained from the trampling by five men, does not give up in life. After spending forty more days in the hospital following the coma, he is discharged with persistent brain damage and little memory of his life. Mark also faces the challenge of affording therapy vital in managing brain damage and memory loss. He, however, does not give up. Instead, he decides to build a sixth scale Belgian town in his backyard inspired by the World War II era. He also opts to add dolls in the town representing him as well as his family and friends. He also believes that adding his attackers as part of the population in the town would bring more meaning in his project. Consequently, he is able to create life-like photographs within the town. He dubs the town ‘Marwencol’ which is a portmanteau of the names ‘Mark’, ‘Wendy’ and ‘Colleen’ (Lanther 1).

He details various relations and dramas occurring within the town as playing and photographing diverse aspects and activities occurring in Marwencol helped him to recover his hand and eye coordination. More so, he was able to deal with psychic wounds that occurred after the attack. Mark and the photographs are later discovered and published by a prestigious New York gallery, the Esopus Magazine. The magazine later decides to set up an art show inspired by his works. This leads Mark to acknowledge his work as art rather than a form of homemade therapy assisting him in managing brain damage and memory loss that occurred after the attack. Consequently, he is required to choose between the safety of his therapeutic fantasy life in Marwencol and the real world he had been avoiding immediately after being attacked (Lanther 1).

In popular culture, the movie ‘Marwencol’ has been referenced in occasions aimed at raising hope. It is also referenced as a fictional film that ought to encourage people that life experiences can be painful but human beings should never give up. This has led several television shows to cite various life lessons acquired from watching the movie ‘Marwencol’.

The Steam Punk TV Show

The Steam Punk television show is a reality program enabling ten designers to compete in identifying and developing new ideas. The designers engage in activities influencing how costumes, fabrics, moving parts, up-cycling and carpentry materials can be designed. The television show, therefore, showcases different designs in ten episodes while bringing viewers a long experience in the cultural world of competition while acknowledging people should focus on recycling and reusing materials. Thus, it can also be described as a game show. Steam Punk is often joined by different guest judges expected to review designers’ final products based on their skills and experience as experts. The judges are required to visit the participating designers in each room throughout the weekly period of the competition. The winners are declared team leaders during the next challenge. The designers whose final products are not selected after the competition comes to an end mainly due to poor quality and unimpressive designs are requested to go home (Que 1).

The show, however, is keen in encouraging the participants to reuse and recycle materials they believe can produce winning designs. For example, the participants are encouraged to reuse and recycle materials in processes guarantying the cultural world of steam punk will identify a new and fresh design or idea. The television show also acknowledges the participants are talented, skilled, competitive, and capable of developing fresh and exciting ideas. Thus, they are neither discouraged nor limited from reusing and recycling the materials they need to complete each competitive episode.

The Idea of Making a Lamp Out of Recyclable Materials

After watching the movie ‘Marwencol’ and television show Steam Punk, I discovered that they both encourage the reuse and recycle of materials. For example, designers participating in the Steam Punk show often reuse and recycle materials in attempts to come up with new and creative ideas. Mark Hogancamp also builds a town by reusing and recycling materials in attempts to bring hope and improve his views on the world the attackers left him after suffering from brain damage and memory loss. I, therefore, came up with the idea of making a lamp from recyclable materials to play part in reducing, managing, and preventing environmental pollution by recycling and reusing the supplies I needed. I, however, needed to make a trendy lamp to affirm that recycled and reused materials can also be of high quality. More so, they are equally capable of producing quality products.

As a result, I identified the materials I needed and listed products I could purchase at very cheap prices to give my idea life. I had witnessed my parents and siblings storing coins in various shelves in the house. They would often forget reusing them which resulted in the coins staining the wooden shelves or cloth materials mainly due to the rusting process as we live in a hot and humid residential area. I, therefore, collected the unused parts and several computer parts from machines that have not been in use and considered a health risk especially for my younger siblings. I acknowledged I had to reuse the bright colored materials in the house to ensure the lamp looks luminous and fancy. The wooden materials I would have recycled were of poor quality. As a result, I decided to visit various shops in our locality where I purchased recycled wooden materials at cheap materials. I also acquired wires at similarly cheap materials. I had to shape the wire round, add the coins on and attach the luminous and bright pink cloth material. I also decided to reuse an old flower vase as the lamp’s base. Lastly, I filled the vase with pearls from my mother’s and sisters’ old pearl chains. The final product was beautiful, fancy, and made from materials that have either been recycled or acquired cheaply.

In conclusion, the lamp, the movie ‘Marwencol’ and television show ‘Steam Punk’ demonstrate that environmental pollution can be managed, reduced and prevented through recycling and reuse of materials. As a result, tasteful and functional products for daily use should actively attain environmental preservation through the three R’s.

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