Sample Essay on Electronic

An electronic device is a device that attains its purpose electronically.It is an equipment that is highly portable. Examples of electronic devices are laptops, iPods and iPads, televisions, mobile phones, and cameras among others.

Advantages of the Use of Electronic Devices to Children and People

Firstly, for kids below preschool age, electronic devices can assist them to inspire their imagination and senses. Some electronic devices like a television may encourage the children’s ability to listen, learn, and speak. Playing games can play animportant role to kids because it encourages their cognitive development and learning of analytical skills. This may assist in building investigative skills, innovative thinking, and foster their creativity. Playing games and watching television may enhance the degree of confidence in a child. It also plays a vital role in developing a good coordination. Additionally, electronic devices serve as a source of entertainment to children through playing games and watching videos.

The use of electronic has made it easier for people to access information.  This is done by using a computer and the internet. Secondly, it improves communication. Presently, the use of smartphones and laptops enables individuals to send e-mails and connect with friends.Additionally, electronic devices serve as a source of entertainment to children through playing games and watching videos.

Conversely, there are various disadvantages of electronics to kids and people. For instance, if kids devote a lot of time on electronic devices, this may have a negative impact on their attainments and studies at school. If children spend most time on electronic, their level of concentration and focus in school work is affected.Addiction to games may also make them to use their time poorly and develop bad eating habits. Presently, electronic devices have several functions like taking photos and playing games. Children that use such devices become addicted because they think there is a lot of fun in using them. Children that spend most of their time on touchscreens may lose interest in other activities for instance, sports.

Furthermore, kids and individuals that use electronic devices suffer from social isolation. This is because the majority of the individuals and kids spend most of their time playing video games, learning how to apply modern technologies, using social networks and disregard their real life. For example, if one can easily interact and share with more than 100 people online, he sees no reason for making real friends which at a later stage results in loneliness. Individuals that highly use electronic devices can suffer from online fraud.

Electronics are vital to learners because they can utilize mobile computing devices to make notes, access course materials, do several collaborative or independent assignments assigned by their tutors. Students can also use electronic devices like laptops and smartphones to save important information (Brinkley, Alan et al 105). Moreover, electronics prepare students for the future. Because of technological developments, it is clear that the future will be technology-focused. Student who will be technology savvy will not have trouble when it comes to using new technology, competing, and getting jobs. The use of technology in their studies will enable them to develop other skills that are required to handle other innovative processes and devices

The students can search by using the search engines. This can be done through inserting key words that they want to search (Brinkley, Alan et al 96).Secondly, students can use an online library whereby they are required to use their username and password to access any information from the library.


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