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The source is about a Muslim student chosen as a leader of a pro-Israeli movement. Amna Farooqi, the student depicts how she separates her faith matters from the political stances in the pro-Israeli movement (J Street). Considering her individual life history, she hails from Muslim parents hailing from Palestine. She was given the freedom to cut out her own opinion about the Israeli-Palestine conflict and her religious stance. The thirst for knowledge about this decades-long conflict even pushed her travel to Israel and enrol in one of the pro-Israeli groups. She had gained theoretical knowledge of the conflict and was ready to apply it in the movement. The leadership role is seen as wholly political as she does not support all the policies advanced by the Israeli groups like the one for Zionism.

The text is risky in the sense that it would seem unacceptable for a Palestinian to support the enemy. Though Farooqi argues from the non-religious point of view, she is seen as a traitor by the Palestinians considering the Israelites are destroying and recouping the Palestine land and resources. Traditionally, the Israelites and other Semitic groups had divergent opinions on most issues which fuelled the conflict. The text presents Farooqi as one who enjoyed being detained by the Israeli, but the natural Palestinians detest that. They would even die fighting for their land rather than lose it to their Israelites’ enemy. The text fuels more fighting as Palestinians would be unwelcome to Farooqi at any time. The Palestinians could consider doing away with her if possible. Careful analysis and depiction of Faruqi’s opinion should be considered so as not to fuel the conflict further.



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