Sample Essay on College-University Transfer

During the summer vacation, I spent eight weeks volunteering at San Diego High Commission. Reporting to work every morning was not easy since         I had to arrive at the bus station around 4:00 am. This was the appropriate time to connect to the town because of the heavy traffic jams. Any delay on the road would lead to late arrival at work because I would get stuck in the traffic jams for several minutes.

Even though I enjoyed the time I spent as a volunteer, it was also hectic especially when it came to meeting the organizational goals in E-commerce. I thought I was very efficient in statistical analysis of the marketing strategies, online market predictions and consolidating data in the e-books. Sincerely, I can say that the pressure was intolerable since I put every effort to match the working rate and productivity of my colleagues. Every minute I dazzled at their skills and knowledge in data analysis, creating quick books, tips given from clients for their reliability in delivering services.

I cannot say that every intern from college was incompetent since my school mate also exhibited fascinating skills in creating production projection and drawing precise statistics. Upon self assessment on the level of my skills in the accounting studies, I realized that I had not acquired enough to meet the job requirement in the industry. In fact, I realized that I was doing much better in customer relations than how I faired in the Accounting. As a result, I could focus on my strength more than on areas where I was weak in order to remain relevant to the organization.

Every evening I would have a pep talk with my friends and I realized that they were covering Accounting and E-commerce in more detailed manner than how it was performed at Grossmont College. I could judge that from the competence these guys were exhibiting; they appeared to know every concept pertaining the Accounting, preparation of E-book, and E-Commerce.

I reasoned that if I could further my college knowledge in university; it could be a brilliant move to build on career. I could think of joining no university other than San Diego University. For quite long, it has produced the best minds in the business related subjects who end up been senior persons in the governmental parastatals and non-governmental organizations. The institution is well equipped with resources: significant size of teaching staffs, postmodern library that is facilitated by learning materials including computers and internet access. Again, San Diego University in highly accessible from home than Grossmont College.

I received admission to Grossmont College since I was qualified and I also felt comfortable in that institution. My transcripts indicate that I am above average student and with time I can do even more. Besides pursuing accounting, I have realized that I have good skills in human relations. This aspect could present an excellent opportunity of developing into human resources. I can imagine that if I further my studies at San Diego University taking Accounting as the major, I must take human relations as a minor course. In fact, I am convinced that I may turn completely into human relations since I have realized that I am very talented in that area than what I can do in Accounting.

I believe my grades matches perfectly to the requirements of joining San Diego University and their programs will be essential in my career development.