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Sample Essay on Change Management

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Sample Essay on Change Management
Evaluation of Alternatives

There are two possible alternatives to the problem of resistance in the workplace to adopting the technological change that is intended for the organization. The first alternative is to train the employees and the relevant stakeholders on the change process and the second alternative is communicating purposefully to the employees about the change process.


The first alternative of training the employees on the change process will yield productivity levels. When employees are trained, the new change will tend to stick into their heads due to the involvement process that is brought about by training (Goetsch, 2014). The minor details will be emphasized on which might bring hitches to the employees while embracing the new change. Deloitte is a good example of a company that enjoys high productivity of employees due to training (Crozier, 2014). Deloitte adopted the use of software such as QuickBooks which are used in book keeping. At first the employees had some resistance to the change from the manual book keeping to the software type of book keeping, but with training they adopted to the change. It increased Deloitte’s productivity and that’s why it is among the best audit firms in the world (Crozier, 2014).

The second alternative which is communicating purposefully has a relative small success rate when it comes to productivity of the employees. Talk alone without the practical involvement of the employees makes it hard for them to grasp and adapt to the change (Goetsch, 2014). There will be negligible productivity as compared to when the change was not there.BlackBerry Limited communicated purposefully to its employees that it will change its operations and manufacture process (Crozier, 2014). This solution did not yield high productivity of the company because the employees did not grasp the new change process required and that is why as compared to other mobile phone companies, BlackBerry is not so successful (Crozier, 2014).


The training alternative is very costly to the company because resources have to be placed aside that will be used in the training process. The higher the number of employees, the higher the money used in training them (Berman et al., 2012). Google uses a lot of money in training its employees when there is change that the employees have to adapt to (Choi, 2012).

Communicating purposefully is a cheaper option which will not cost the company a lot of money. The only resource needed in communicating purposefully will be time. The management will spare time that will be used in convincing the employees to adapt to the change process (Goetsch, 2014). Google introduced the 20% time where the employees are supposed to use the free time to come up with innovations (Goetsch, 2014). The company communicatedpurposefully to the employees showing them the benefits of the change in routine and convincing them to adapt to it.Google never uses any money in adapting to the change.

Worker Morale

Training of the employees in adapting to the new change process boosts and increases their morale (Berman et al., 2012). When employees feel involved, it boosts their confidence and morale in adapting to the change. Google trains its employees in case of any change process that needs to be adapted by the employees (Choi, 2012). It trains the employees on using the applications that are invented day in day out. This increases the morale of the workers in the company and that is why Google is flourishing.

Communicating purposefully has negligible increase on the worker morale (Goetsch, 2014). The workers will not be excited by the change process that is being advanced by the management. Wal-Mart stores usually communicate purposefully to its employees in case of a change process (Goetsch, 2014). The employees are directed verbally or through a memo on how to adapt to the change process. This actually reduces the worker morale because they feel overburdened and unfairly treated (Goetsch, 2014).

Company Image

Training the employees to adapt to the change process boosts the company image (crozier, 2014). Training makes the employees well conversant with the change process and with this they will perform their duties very efficiently which will boost the image of the company to the customers. Virgin Atlantic trained its employees to adapt to the electronic ways of booking flights and sending cargo (Crozier, 2014). This made the employees well conversant with the process causing efficiency in Virgin Atlantic operations which boosted the image of the company (Crozier, 2014).

Communicating purposefully has negligible boost on the company image. This is because communicating purposefully does not make the employee fully understand the change process. There will be many errors and hitches during operations which will actually not boost the image of the company.


Training of employees to ensure they adapt to the change process is a very practical procedure. This is actually the most efficient way that the employees can grasp the change. Google trains its employees on using the applications that come as change processes in the daily activities in the company (Choi, 2012).

Communicating purposefully is a less practical way of making employees adapts to change. The employees need to be shown an example so as to follow and verbal and written examples are not enough to convince them to embrace the change process. If Deloitte communicated purposefully to its employees without any training, then it would have caused to the collapse of the company due to paralyzed operations (Goetsch, 2014).

Figure 1: Alternatives Analyzed by criteria


Training employees

Communicating purposefully


Very High

Slight Increase


Very High

Very Low

Workers Morale


Negligible Increase

Company Image


Negligible Increase




Total Feasibility of Alternatives based on criteria

Averagely High

Averagely low



Findings and Analysis

From the evaluation of the two Alternatives, we see that the first alternative which is training of the employees is very feasible. From the analysis on the highlighted criteria, this alternative will have more benefits to the employees and the company in general. The work morale will improve which will boost the productivity of the company hence boosting the sales. As we see, it is like the criteria are tied to each other and if one alternative satisfies one, then it will satisfy most of them. It is much feasible for the management team to practice this alternative as it will yield much fruits and will make the change process to be embraced by the employees. The second alternative is less feasible because it does not involve the employees and so it will be hard for the employees to adapt to the change and this will make the change process a failure. For a change process to be embraced by the employees, they must feel included and respected by the process. The company will be well placed if the managers practice the first alternative of training the employees.




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Sample Essay on Change Management

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Sample Essay on Change Management

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Sample Essay on Change Management

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