Sample Essay on Causes and Effects of Global Warming: Outline


As one of the biggest issues of the 21st century, global warming has taken center stage in global affairs. Global warming is the vast increase in atmospheric temperature beyond the normal and suitable temperature. Scientific research and professional predictions have asserted that adverse impacts of Global warming are going to affect the globe in the near and the far future.As such, this paper will explore the causes and the consequences of global warming to aid in understanding this world enigma.

  1. Causes of Global Warming

Global warming has a variety of causes, which include

  1. Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases can be considered the greatest instigators of global warming. Carbon (CO2) emissions are primarily the foremost cause. Carbon dioxide in conjunction with other gases like nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons absorb heat radiated from the earth maintaining constant and safe temperatures. The increase in carbon emissions increases the heat trapped leading to global warming.

  1. Changes in how land is utilized

Another reason is the change in land use. Changes in the usage of land have exacerbated deforestation and the subsequent destruction of the earth’s natural habitat. Nature utilizes forests and the natural habitat to ensure the air in the atmosphere is at equilibrium.

  1. Increase in Industries

The onset of industrialization made coal the main fossil fuel. Coal is a huge producer of C02, which is in-turn a major instigator of global temperature changes.

  1. Depreciation of Aerosols

Similarly, aerosols are vital contributors to global warming. Aerosols are gases that control and monitor the extent to which the solar radiations eroded by the sun, hit the earth. Deprivation of the aerosols has made the Earth vulnerable to solar radiations(Cline 1)

  1. Effects of Global Warming
  2. Higher Sea levels and acidification

As the temperatures continue to soar, the polar icecaps continue to melt at astonishing rates. The melting ice sheets are rapidly increasing the sea levels while also affecting the surrounding people and animals.

  1. Severe Weather

Extreme weather characterized by heat waves, hurricanes, droughts and floods among others are on the rise due to rising global temperatures.

  1. Increased extinction

The susceptibility of endangered animals and plants to the prevailing climate and global changes puts them are at more risk for rampant extinction.

  • Conclusion

The effects of global warming are bound to get more severe with the continuous exploitation of the environment. It is vital that individuals, governments, and organizations come together to control the expansion of global warming and climate change(Bello 1).


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