Sample Essay on Brokeback Mountain

Liberty refers to having the personal freedom to spend one’s time and resources in their preferred manner as well as choosing actions that satisfy oneself without considering other person’s point of view. However, liberty has limitations to individuals as the outcome of the choices made should not impact other people negatively. People can bend freedom in various ways such as engaging in acts that harm others, choosing unproductive actions and acting in a manner that harms one’s public image among peers, friends, and relatives. Liberty gives a person the freedom to lead lives of their choice, but abusing it can lead to harmful outcomes for both the individual and the larger society.

Liberty gives persons the space to choose their actions without anyone limiting their choices. However, some of the decisions made could harm other people thus making the person answerable to the damages experienced. An employee, for instance, has the liberty to spend their off duty as they wish and not expect intrusions from their boss directing them on what to do with their free time. The worker can choose to go drinking with friends and end up losing control over their habit thus fail to report to work the following morning due to hangovers. As a result, the staff member hurts other team players who step in to perform the absentee’s assignments thus working extra hours. The employer can choose to end the contract with the employee thus facing the consequences of abusing their liberty.

Human beings can further bend freedom by choosing to lead unproductive lives. Children rely on their parents for food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, and other necessities. During this period, a child is answerable to the parents and chooses their actions wisely such as attending classes and avoiding bad company to keep off from punishment. After growing up and finishing school, children become responsible for their lives such as looking for employment to cater for their needs. However, they can abuse the liberty by choosing to remain in their parents’ homes instead of searching for a job. As a result, they hurt their parents financially for feeding and accommodating them. Moreover, they hurt themselves since they are incapable of meeting all their needs such as entertainment when parents deny them these privileges.

The last way in which one can bend liberty is through acting in ways that attract a negative perception from the public. Whereas the person has the freedom to engage in activities they feel are worth, the choices made may reflect negatively to others thus earning the person a negative image. A respectable man, for instance, might choose to marry a woman of low morals and face disapproval of the union from relatives and friends who isolate themselves from the couple. As a result, the man suffers from isolation thus bearing the burden of freedom.

In conclusion, people bend liberty in three ways namely harming others with their choices, making unproductive decisions, and choosing actions that earn the disapproval of the public. Whereas liberty should give a person happiness, it might bring sadness if misused. The key to ensuring one does not bend liberty is by choosing responsible behavior and being answerable to oneself. As a result, individuals will first consider their present positions and determine whether they would wish to ruin or improve it in the course of exercising liberty.