Sample Essay on Analyzing Essay about We Are the World Lyrics

Different songs are composed to pass different form of message. In the song “We are the World,” Michael Jackson endeavored to demonstrate that individuals are the product of the world. That is, the way the current situation in the world is due to individuals’ actions. In this connection, individuals are urged to facilitate in building a bright future for the children. The synopsis of the lyrics underlines the need to assist one another since all people in this world are connected by a single destiny: a better life. Thus, the song necessitates those who are blessed with material wealth to care for those in dire needs.

The song “We are the World” was a dedication to African people who were in need of help owing to famine. The writers, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, had the objective of passing the message that people who are capable of sustaining their lives should volunteer to assist those who are poor and, particularly, hungry. The lyrics argue that if individuals can make a choice and contribute to help needy people, they can create a brighter future for the coming generations. Due to their fame, the two singers were quite sure that their message would hit home and people would respond to their call. Other singers opted to join this course because they had realized the power of music in transforming the word.

The writers took their time to come up with the appropriate array of words to suit their objective. Although the song is sung through a first person’s perspective, the audience is allowed to internalize the message by utilizing the word “We,” which brought out the aspect of togetherness. The core theme of this song is love. The quote “Lend a hand of life” is a form of personification that emphasizes on an aspiration to help and make a difference in someone’s life. Another quote “Send them your heart” also highlights on the desire to assist those who need gentle care. The singers conceded that it is a choice that individuals have to make if they indeed want to save their own lives.

The author has used repetition to evoke empathy and love. The refrain on his message emphasized on making a difference in the world for a better future not only for the children, but also for the entire population. The use of parallelism illustrates an emotional or dramatic event that people should not overlook. This song could not pass the message effectively if a single individual was to sing it. The reason why individuals succeed in their endeavors is that they chose to involve others in their struggles. Thus, the element of a group helped in demonstrating the gathering together for a charitable course.

The song “We are the World” was composed with an aim of helping the world, and the composers drove the message by incorporating other singers. The composer is adamant that individuals have the capacity to make a change in the world, as they cannot persist in pretending that they are happy when others are suffering. The use of repetition was meant to insist on the need to care for the less fortunate in society. All that the composer required from the people is to show love to all. The world is made of different individuals, and each individual should play his/her role in making the world a better place.