Sample Essay on Analysis of my Writing

I acknowledge my years of schooling and consistent research through undertaking assignments for my remarkable development in the writing process. When I began school, I could not write effectively let alone construct sentences devoid of grammatical errors. However, this has changed, and it is quite easy to construct logical sentences, express myself coherently, and thoroughly convince my audience to concur with my ideology. It is my thinking process that I engage in that has cultivated my development in research and writing.

I engage in creative writing since I find it more stimulating because I have to take an unconventional approach and create a fictional story that is intriguing to my audience. Academic writing is what I engage in more often, and it comprises of extensive reading and research and using the information to support claims. Academic writing has improved on my knowledge in key subject areas, and it is the pinnacle of the knowledge I have attained so far. I also engage in writing as a communicating tool through emails and letters.

The types of writing I engage in have influenced my writing style since I have had to master writing formats and enhance my vocabulary to communicate effectively. There are different formats for presenting a paper depending on the audience, and this often influences how I write. My writing process commences with brainstorming and conducting inquiries on the topic at hand. I then write an outline of the paper highlighting key points that I will address and the supporting points that I will convey. I prefer to draft the paper in soft copy then proofread and edit in case there are grammatical issues. It is at this stage that I print my document and present it as a hardcopy document to my audience.

I believe my paramount strength in writing is my capability at finding evidence that supports my points of view. In the process of doing that I also tend to think of counterarguments to my positions and find evidence against them so as to convince my audience not to consider any contradicting opinions to my own. I feel that I learn much from engaging in writing since I get to engage in extensive research before penning down any ideas that I have. Writing forces me to think about topics I have never considered before in life and to put myself in the shoes of other individuals in the same situation. I have learned from the various subjects I have written about outside my scope of study for instance movie analysis, company analysis, and human resource management. I have learned that such topics can be explored extensively with research, and tremendous knowledge can be gained through peer-reviewed journals that address them.

Writing can be interesting and easy especially when you have done your research well. Among the positive experiences, I have had with writing is getting support structures over the internet and tutors. My negative experiences include not being able to get research material on certain topics and being forced to visit the writing center a couple of times to have my paper edited and revised. As much as it can be helpful, it can be embarrassing to go through this experience especially when you are forced to go on multiple times. I expect this course to have a progressive influence on my writing and to stimulate my thought development in writing. My goals for this course are to enhance my vocabulary and to ensure that I can communicate effectively with the people around my vicinity.