Sample Essay on Advertisement Review

While most people eat certain kind of food because of their appetite, others are driven to consume certain food products because of what they see or hear from television adverts. The impact of advertisement on individual food choices, therefore, can never be underestimated. This paper evaluates food related advertisement on television by focussing on Horlicks.

Horlicks is a beverage made of malted milk and prides itself as one of the best hot drinks. The television ad on Horlicks portrays Horlicks a super drink that has so many real effects on the human body. By doing so, the publication attempts to influence parents to make Horlicks their beverage of choice every morning as they take breakfast. The advert focusses on all aspects of human life. Thus, the idea of Horlicks being the best can be readily accepted by anyone.

The target audience for the television advertisement on Horlicks is the families. The announcement mainly airs between seven in the evening and ten at night. This time is the period when most families are in their homes taking dinner. The company somehow believe that when the parents see the ad at this time, they would be pressurized to buy it the following day. Failure to do this, they would receive pressure from their children.

The ad focusses on health benefits of Horlicks and puts so much emphasis on these health benefits to make the audience believe the announcement. The focus of this ad is mainly on health benefit of Horlicks in brain development, muscle strength, and energy at the place of work. Any working parent would, therefore, buy Horlicks for either their children or for themselves at the place of work.

The attention of the audience is held in this advert by use of fast moving images that are appealing to the eyes. Moreover, the ad has a created imaginary beauty after the utilization of the product. The beautiful pictures take the viewer to a wonderland making them be glued to their screens. The images also impact a lasting image and thirst to buy the product.

It is a fact that Horlicks influences muscular function and brain development in children. The ability to control muscle function is because it is made of milk which contains Calcium. It is a fact that Calcium is crucial for the muscle. Calcium is also essential for impulse transmission thus the impact on the brain.

ISO certification is used by the advertiser to show credibility. At the end of the advert, the viewer is shown certification seal. The seal makes the audience believe in the product they are about to acquire. In reality, no one ever wants to buy a food product whose quality is questionable. The advertiser, therefore, tries to build his consumer trust by showing the seal.

The advertisement, however, does not reveal the truth about the adverse effects of Horlicks. The product is manufactured through formation of milk malt. In the process of production, various chemicals are used. The percentage purity of our Horlicks by-product after processing is however not shown in the ad.

The effectiveness of the advertisement can be rated as excellent. This level of efficiency is because the ad is very convincing and targets every age group in the family. The ad is also featured at a timely hour when everyone is supposed to be at home. The majority of viewers of the advert will, therefore, end up purchasing Horlicks even if it was not their favorite beverage.