Sample Essay: Does Violent Media have Negative Psychological Effect on Children or is it Beneficial for their Emotional Development?

Critics of violent media have a misplaced belief that violent media makes children become less sensitive to violence and make them view the world as mean or violent. They also believe that it helps children develop aggressive or antisocial behavior. However, violent media does not indoctrinate or influence children’s attitudes and feelings in a negative way but helps them to build their stronger selves and enable them to withstand the pressures of pop culture.

It is important to deal with the issue of violence and aggressive behavior in children because it helps parents and teachers adopt the right strategies in parenting and education. However, this viewpoint has changed over time as research on this subject matter has increased. Research reveals that violent media is good for kids because naturally children like fantasy violence due to its ability to give them coping skills that they need in the real world. It prepares them both mentally and emotionally to deal with nearly all the pressures that they may face later in life. They have an emotional need that is satisfied by violent media. It teaches children to be able to have self-belief in themselves by trusting their emotions (Neal).

Research on the impact of violent media on children shows no causal correlation between youth violence and violent video games. Investigations of school shooting incidences by the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Center (FBINC) and the Secret Service for the analyses of violent crime do not support a connection between violent games and school attacks (Hospital). Therefore, the assertion that violent media causes violent behavior is an issue that scientific research has not demonstrated. Accordingly, stressed children tend to be more prone to bullying behavior and delinquency (Hospital).

The varied opinions about the effects of violent media on children show that there is no definite relationship between violent media and aggressive behavior in children. This is a misconception that must be clarified because no single researcher has been able to come up with such a causal relationship.

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