Sample English Paper on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Won’t Stop

This article looks at the widely accepted account of the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks, with Osama as the main culprit, how the four planes were hijacked and directed at high-value targets, and the death of nearly 3000 people (Norman). The author is quick to note that truthers will hear none of this and further gives a summary of the five most popular conspiracy theories a decade later. The first theory states that someone or something else, but al Qaeda coordinated the attacks. It cited that the Bush administration allowed the attacks to use that as a basis of going to war in the Middle-East (Norman).

The second theory blames Israel for the attacks and cites that their spy agency, Mossad, gave a warning against it so that 4000 of their people did not report to work the morning of the attack (Norman). The third theory rubbishes the claim by the administration that the twin towers collapsed because of jet fuel and gave controlled explosion as the cause. The fourth theory states that it was a missile and not an airplane that struck the Pentagon, while the fifth theory explains that Flight 93 was brought down by a missile over Pennsylvania (Norman).


Conspiracy theories are merely opinions of the authors and despite available evidence; they will always dispute and give their own justification. The success of a theory is hugely dependent on how it emotionally caters for the victims of an incident; for instance, the five theories summarized in this article. Given that no one knows the absolute truth, these theories remain conspiracies. It is widely accepted that bad things do not just happen, and there must be someone or something to be held accountable. These truther conspiracy theories are very popular amongst the Americans because they are trying to make sense of the distressing event to help them cope.


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