Sample Creative Writing Paper on Webinar Networking

  1. Institute of Mathematics Statistics

The mission of the organization is to develop, disseminate, and apply statistics and probability in real situations. The organization has various members worldwide. Situates in South Africa, the institute is developing to have major research stations in most of the nations. From the organization, there are various institutes, which have offered sponsorship to excelling students. There are also various journals and affiliated journals which have been published. There are various companies and institutions related to the organization, for instance, Mathematics and Statistical Institute, which is situated in South Africa. From the organization, I hope to research more on the statistical methods and software, which can reduce the long processes of computation. From this organization, I can contact the Dean of Studies who is in charge of all the new students. The Dean can answer any queries I have concerning the kind of research and the desire I have. This will help me align myself towards a more established career.

  1. American Statistical Association has various institutions under it.

The main mission of ASA is to encourage the application of statistics in the world. This is done by increasing unity and efficiency of the statisticians in every statistical institute. There are many activities, which the organization foresees. These are inclusive of the various publications, provision of information and availing of statistical services worldwide. Situated in most of the states in America, the organization has various within United States and Canada. There are Albany, Ottawa, Boston, and Delaware chapters. This is an organization, which is also inclined towards research of mathematics and statistics. There are colleges and universities, which offer various mathematical and statistical courses. Through the organization, I hope to join one of the colleges where I will exercise theory statistics through research. I also hope to be part of the university teaching fraternity. The Managing Director can be of great help towards the expansion of my network

  1. Statistics at Department of Energy and Climate Change. This organization is focused on statistics on energy, fuel poverty, energy efficiency, and climate change.

This organization is established in the United Kingdom. Through its mission and information, UK has managed to reduce its natural resource consumption by up to 14%. The mission of the organization is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, offer the required data on the consumption of energy and how it can be conserved. From the organization, I desire to use the available information to analyze the given data according to the national consumption of various countries and how each country can contribute towards the goal of the organization. The organization is connected to the Digest of UK energy statistics.  Form the institution; I hope to collect more information of how UK is renewing its energy and the energy trend of renewable. From the department, I will contact the managing Director who is in charge of all the questions and new visitors to their site. The Managing Director is to assist in the establishment of the network.