Sample Creative Writing Paper on Ode Style Poem

An ode is form of poetry with lyrical stanza. The structure of this sort of lyric has three noteworthy parts. The distinct sections are namely;epode, strophe and antistrophe. In most cases, the theme in odes always praises a situation or an individual. In presenting the theme, the poem normally considers intellectual and emotional mood. A good example of an ode is a sonnet, widely embraced across different cultures. A key concept in ode is the involvement of sounds effects like rhythm, in achieving the desired themes. In presenting the tone and the subject matter, it should be noted that ode often involves solemn, but serious accent. This tone is always very formal. Apart from these features, an ode also involves other elaborated patterns within the stanza, that all play critical role in the overall mood and theme of the poem.

Major types of Odes

Pindar Ode

Firstly, it should be noted that the poem is named after Pindar one of the earlier pots in Greek. Pindar poems were typically sung in broad daylight occasions and they were choral in nature. The rhyme patterns and the number of lines of this type of poem are irregular.

Horatian Ode

This kind of sonnet’s name is followed from the old Latin artist, Horace. The tone of this ode is normally informal and intimate. The theme often revolves around interesting subjects that give pleasure to the mind. In structure, there are not many strict rules.

Irregular Ode

Formal rhyme scheme and structure are not highly adhered to in this form of poem. Normally, the poets have great freedom in the type of styles adopted.