Sample Coursework Paper on Reflection 2

The content and format of Romeo and Juliet’s message shows the way technology has led to a complete turnover of how communication is being carried out. The use of single letters to represent a particular message is a result of technology, which simplifies information. It is not easy to understand the content of information going by the conversation between Romeo and Juliet; however, the two, Romeo and Juliet, are able to understand each other. Unlike in ancient days where personal communication had a specified format that individuals followed when passing a particular message, technology has no definite format of relaying messages.

As per the conversation, a number of subjects are discussed by Romeo starting from school, an enquiry of a party, and the interception by Juliet’s dad that causes the conversation to stop. The effects of technology in regard to the content of intimate communication are evident. The two are able to cover a number of topics within a short time. Technology has privatized communication such that people can communicate, and intruders cannot understand the topic of discussion.

Technology has also reduced the gap between individuals, and more specifically those that are intimate. Romeo and Juliet could not share their disappointment with the happenings at school until late when they could chat and share what happened. People are able to reveal secrets that are hard to talk about in real life situation, for instance, an imagination of Romeo and Juliet conversing about their friends, and how they hate each other could sound somewhat awkward. However, through the conversation, the two are seen to be talking about how each other’s friend hate them.