Sample coursework Paper on My Early Writing (drafting) Process

My early writing was so poor since I was not acquainted with the rules of writing. I thought that since I had an idea, I could easily put pen to paper. After writing for two minutes, I found myself staring at the almost blank piece of paper. I started becoming insecure with my idea since I had initially thought that I could transform it into a five-page story, only to have a five-sentence paragraph of the entire story. Moreover, whatever I jotted down had the worst structure I had ever read. I had committed all these mistakes because I lacked the pre-writing knowledge. I was hopeless for some time and even lost the initial self-confidence I had in writing. I wished to become a successful writer, but after committing obvious errors in grammar and style, I realized that I had to enroll for writing classes so I can actualize my dream.

Even though I was initially poor in writing at the beginning, I have evolved to be the best writer in class. This change has come after I appreciated the fact that just like in any significant field; writing has its guidelines, which must be adhered to. One of the guidelines I was equipped with very early in my writing is the significance of creating a notebook of ideas. By jotting down the ideas I had, I could easily create a character and write about them. Besides this, I realized the essence of building my idea using free writing and brainstorming. I realized that writing about the idea that crops up in my brain is useful while brainstorming the idea would result to better directions and captions of the idea.