Sample Coursework Paper on Losing Control of Our Borders Due to Globalization

The article shows two people discussing the issue of immigrants. They are Native Americans judging from their dressing and one of them is raising the issue of deportation, a practice normally done to the illegal immigrants. One of the characters talks about losing control of our borders, a term that describes the effects of globalization on the national borders. Countries can no longer close their borders to the outsiders as this would affect its economy and shut it out of the international community. The Native American character is worried about the porous borders, which have allowed so many foreigners into the country.

There have been a rising number of immigrants into American soil and the Native Americans believe that this is really a big mistake. The possibility of the population doubling in the lifetime of the current American children is expected to cause suffering among the Americans and Indians fear that they are the ones who will suffer the most. The suffering goes beyond mere competition for water, housing, land, and energy, but goes deeper to the destruction of the current demography of Anglo-America.

Native Americans fear the catastrophe of waking one morning only to realize that the white people are no longer in control of America. White people are supposed to be the enemies of the Indians, but this is not the case now as both sides fought as warriors and when the defeated side accepts defeat and has learned to respect the victor then the defeat is never remembered. When the white people are defeated by the Mexicans, Asians and blacks then Native Americans would have lost twice. The Indians have taken generations to reconcile their children and their white counterparts, but the immigrants have no history with the Native Americans. These new people never fought any war with the Indians, they never had any treaty with them, and that means that they will not have any obligations to respect the Native Americans.

Indians see a situation where they would be forced to bow down to foreigners who had not defeated their ancestors in any battle. The Indians fear that maybe the white people have lost their sprit and are giving the foreigners the country freely without a war. Being part of the land being given away means that Indians feel they are being turned over to complete strangers to rule them. The white man is therefore challenged to regain his warrior spirit and do the necessary to regain the country.

Faced with this kind of dilemma, the white man has no option but to show his Indian brother that he still respects the battles and them treaties they have had throughout history by putting a stop to immigration, particularly illegal migration. There have been campaigns against illegal immigration going on in America as part of the moves to stop illegal immigration.

In my opinion, immigration is not a bad thing it only needs the governments to implement effective guidelines that would reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country. Most of the immigrants are beneficial to America as they bring their various expertises with them. Immigration laws must address all the issues, which might cause fear among the native, and white Americans concerning the Mexican, Asian and African immigrants, who numbers must be balanced (“A fact sheet”).

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