Sample Book Review Paper on the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Part A: Monologue

Incident: The death of wellington and Christopher’s presence

Mrs. Shears: (looking angry). Ed’s son has been at it again. I do not know what I can do to this boy to ensure he changes his habits. I wonder how Ed keeps up with him. Maybe it is because he is the only child he has. I really wish I could make hi disappear. If only I had the courage to get the two of the out of here. (Seemingly bewildered and using hand motions) Imagine he does not even seem to notice that I am angry at him! How could someone kill my dog, my Wellington and then stand there and look me in the face? Does that boy ever feel anything? I bet he is just like his father, so incapable of love. I wonder what I saw in him. How did Judy ever live with him for that long? Such characters can even cause a heart attack, talk about having two of them. Is there a possibility that he did not kill Wellington? (Shaking her head) I don’t think so. Who else is so unstable in this neighborhood? I bet the poor dog did not even do anything to warrant a spanking, yet he had to stick his dirty pitchfork through its side. Why didn’t Wellington bite? He could have at least wailed so I come to his rescue. I hope one day the stupid boy will pay for his deeds. My Wellington cannot just go like that.

Part B: Dialogue

Scene: Ed’s Store on the day following Christopher’s tantrums

Ed: Judy, how is the going with the young boy? I bet he is giving you a headache as usual.

Judy: You should not always think of him as a trouble maker, though working with him is sometimes a headache.

Ed: I know my dear, and I care about the two of you, it’s only that I spend too much time in the store and therefore spend a shorter time at home.

Judy: Whatever the case you should not leave all the responsibilities of the attending to Christopher to me. He is difficult. Take yesterday for example (Judy shows a long face, abandons what she is doing and stares at her husband).

Ed: Such cases are isolated and should not make you lose hope. Always remember that Christopher’s teacher promised to help us understand him better and thus react more easily to his moods. (Ed stops too and stares at Judy) You should understand him better as the mother.

Judy: Who says that the mother is the only person who should understand a child? What would you be doing as the father? (Acts annoyed)

Ed: Sometimes I feel like you regret having me as your husband and taking care of our son….. (Murmurs softly) children are a blessing from God and should be taken so.

Judy: (Flaring up, throwing her hands as if in despair and scowling at the same time) I guess taking care of your son is not enough to show your that I care, you are so ungrateful and am sure you may never find someone like me if this relationship was to end. (Sneers and walks to the other side of the store)

Ed: Women are so difficult to understand and to please. I don’t believe taking care of my family can be such a burden to me. Maybe one day she will change. (Shrugs his shoulders and goes back to work).