Sample Book Review Paper on Guys Day out Fiction Story by Ellen Klages

Guys Day Out is a simple fiction story written by Ellen Klages.Being written in 2008, the story directly reflects and relates to the plight of childhood in the 21st century. Although fiction, the story is outrageous, predictable and deeply touches on all the topics covered. It provides a mainstream horror story that ends with a moral lesson. Indeed, this story is a powerful fictional illustration of the true meaning of life. One of the major elements of fiction covered in this story is the relationship between a father and a son. Tommy, who is the main character, is the son to Andrew. Tommy was born with Down’s syndrome and this affects his relationship with other people including his father. In this theme, Andrew becomes the antagonist character.

The story of Andrew and Tommy relates about parental love, friendship, and destruction. The story gives details about Andrew’s experience living with someone suffering from Down’s Syndrome. In this story, Ellen Klages shows that horror does not have to be ray guns or spaceships. The life of Tommy is truly horrific especially to his father Andrew.The horror aspect creates and fuels conflict in the story. She concludes that horror does not necessarily need to be a science fiction in spaceship or involving toting ray guns. The author tells the story of a man (Tommy) who sees fairies from the viewpoint of a man who cannot see them (Andrew.) tommy sees fairies horrors, which other people he is living with including the father cannot see. This makes him to live abnormal and horrific life.

The point of contention is that his father does understand his condition. Instead, he makes decisions that aggravate Tommy’s conditions. For instance, when Tommy insists on rowing a boat, the captain refuses but his father is averse to that decision. The story took place somewhere in 1960s in a lakeside community in the United States of America. The conflict between Tommy and his father was later resolved when he started treating him differently. The author used simple language and style. This was effective in enhancing and achieving the effects of the story.