Sample Book Review on the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’, depicts Christopher as a very ambitious character. Contrary to expectations from an individual suffering from autism, Christopher indicates exceptional drive trying to accomplish his goals. It is through his ambition that he manages to achieve most of the things he sets out to do as well as to endure through school. The ambitious trait of this character is well displayed through various situations and his reactions to circumstances such as the murder of Wellington.

Upon finding out about the death of the dog, Christopher decides to take upon himself the role of an investigator. This is done based on his interpretation of an investigative novel that he previously read and which was based on the murder of a person (Haddon 3). The exceptional drive in Christopher is best displayed through his assertion that the death of a dog is just as important as the death of a person, hence worth investigating. It is unique how his ambition drives him to this conclusion and how it connects to his unique ability to relate to animals. At the same time, the passion with which Christopher attends to his investigative role in the death of Wellington attests to his ambition in the responsibility he has taken upon himself.

Apart from the death of Wellington, Christopher also displays his ambitious character through his stance on life. For instance, the decisions he makes regarding his father’s attitude and previous relationship with Mrs. Shears indicates that he is not one to sit and relax upon circumstances. As opposed to most victims of Autism, Christopher shows that he is independent and capable of making his own decisions in life. The decisions he makes require great ambition as they drive him to do things such as moving into his mother’s house in spite of not being close to her previously (Haddon 189). This not only indicates ambition but also exemplifies courage and confidence in independence.

The efforts made in school towards the achievement of his life goals also portray the ambition in the narrator. From his school life, Christopher makes efforts to master facial expressions and the emotions they represent and to effectively apply them in real life. In addition to this, he has clearly set goals regarding his desire to pursue A- level studies and to do well in the lower levels. This is what eventually makes him outstanding in the story as a whole and in his school in particular (McInerney par. 3). Through his ambition, Christopher manages to achieve goals that no one thinks he can achieve.

Christopher thus acts as a paramount example of what ambition can help one achieve in life. Through his actions and progress, the narrator manages to go beyond expectations due to his personal ambitions. He also confirms the belief that self confidence and belief in oneself surpasses every challenge that one can meet on the road to success. As such, Christopher’s role in the narrative functions as a model for students to not only believe in themselves but also to adapt to challenges they meet on their way through ambition and positive thinking. As shown in the book, Christopher not only thinks big about his ambitions but also demeans his challenges.

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