Sample Assignment Paper on Safety Training

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The article on the safety training is significant because it highlights and explains the importance of safety training in an organization. The article has elaborated various aspects of training including its definition, the objectives ofsafety training, background information about safety training, the components of an effective training program, hoe to improve the success of safety training and defining what needs to be evaluated and the evaluation process. For example, the trainnes are required to respond to the questionnaires as per this article. The article seeks to express the components of the objectives of the process of safety training. In addition, the article describes the key elements of safety training such as training management program and the key variables like training action plan, goals and objectives.

The safety-training program is well practiced across the world because people have gained understanding of the program. The author has included the contents that suggest the most appropriate supporting methods and media. Besides, the learning objectives of safety training will tell the trainer and the trainee what will be evaluated. This helps to determine the current knowledge or performance levels that relate to some specificaction. To maximize performance, safety trainers should ensure that they write the objectives that conform to the relevant severities.



I agree with the author because most of the professionals who offer safety-training services to employees need to set an objective to improve their skills as trainers.I am in agreement with the author of the article because the author seeks to address the things the trainee would be able to do and the conditions under which the trainee can do them. The author has outlined the target audience, in this case the health and environmental professionals, the desired knowledge and skills and the criteria for determining that the learning objective has been achieved. I agree with the author because many health and environment professionals lack the clear safety training objectives and by reading this simplified article, both the trainees and the trainer can understand the program effectively.