Sample Assignment Paper on Dan Ariely

Dan’s message to humanity is that, of all the things that lead us to decision making is often what is obviously the physical appearance at the first site (Ariely 2009). The appearance often tends to lead a person not to look beyond the other side of the tunnel. In other words, what we see from the outlook of a picture or an object runs the baseline of the decision or the judgement to be taken at immediate response of an answer to be reached. the outlook forms the baseline of our decision and it is from the baseline decision that will prevent us from thinking beyond any other options available.

From the Dan Ariely, representation one needs to critical think over any course of action to be too good to settle at (Ariely 2009). In addition, before settling for an option or decision we should not only have the fixed mind of what is within but also what good can come from the other negative side of a wrong decision. The information also helps one to decide and check how wrong decisions in life help us avoid doing the same mistakes. So it is very useful for one to be very rational in both thoughts and actions.

Finally, the presentation is very valuable and any young scholar should buy it without hesitation. For many young people who belong to my generation, we never think of a greater value that comes with any decision arrive at but rather we go for what seems to have better package. From his words “If I have to do it I have to start with a sub article” (Ariely 2009). This mean that we have to start from somewhere to grow bigger and better.


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