Sample Article Review Paper on Stretching

The article describes the process of stretching and the significance it has for an individual. There are different types of specialized stretching for office workers and athletes to help them relieve the pain or get rid of tightness (Peveto). There are different types of stretches, however, the one which majority of the individuals prefers is the stretching of the whole body rather than one group of muscles.

Fascial stretch therapy mainly deals with stretching the body of a client in slow and smooth movements with an aim to strengthen and develop connective tissue called fascia.  Its influence on the body has recently become a subject worth considering for the researches and therapists. They claim that the study may be the key to understanding of some syndromes, diseases and injuries, for instance — plantar fascia and iliotibial band strands in the foot and leg respectively that are causes of pain for some athletes (Peveto). According to Eccles, most of her customers are adults with stiffness or pain from working long hours or those that have never recovered after suffering injuries. In most of the cases, the stretching of so-called fascia can greatly improve the health condition and thus life quality of such patients. For example, thanks to the exercises Coleman — Eccles’ regular client — regained feeling in her toes which enabled her to wear dress shoes again.

Most athletes opt for fascia stretch therapy because it may make one stronger through improved flexibility. Army Ferachi argues that stretch therapy plays a vital role in loosening tight legs and hips which she developed as a dancer (Peveto). Even though stretching may be a little bit painful in the beginning, it makes one feel relieved and relaxed afterwards.

I think this article is one of the best because it provides important information that is applicable in life. It is particularly important to the athletes because it will enable them to keep fit and remain competitive in various categories of races. Furthermore, I think this article should be circulated to both the young and adults because stretching is vital to individuals across the board regardless of age. I also feel more research is needed to find out more benefits associated with stretching. Research should also be done to enable people understand the different types of exercises and techniques used for each case.

Yes, I would recommend this article to others because of the following reasons; firstly, the article provides us with information vital for keeping ourselves healthy. This article indicates that a specialized type of stretching helps in curing chronic pain or tightness. Secondly, this article shows that one-on-one fascial stretch therapy can be applied both to the muscle group and the whole body. Furthermore, a trained practitioner must be able to stretch the body of his customer in slow and smooth movements with major focus on the connective tissue. This article also shows that regular practicing may show which movements can improve one’s mobility.

Fascia stretch therapy further helps baseball and football players who had developed injuries, but have not fully recovered (Peveto). It plays a significant role in relieving pain among mothers that gave birth through caesarean section and softens stiff legs. Additionally, it helps individuals, especially athletes, in becoming flexible and stronger. Stretching is also recommended because it is useful in recovering feeling in toes and makes some women feel comfortable when putting on their dress shoes.


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