Sample Argumentative Paper on Female Rape Victims are to be Blamed for their Clothing

  • Outline
    1. Introduction:
    • Rape is the act of enforcing sexual intercourse with another person without consent. Such act may involve persons of same or different genders.
    • People argue that women are raped because of the way they dress; however, research indicates that rape is an offense that starts from the mind of the perpetrator and not with the outward appearance of the victim.
    1. Female Dress Code and Rape
    • In general, men are mostly affected by the visual elements of life; while on the other hand, women seem to be passive on such. However, this fact does not give evidence of the relationship between women’s clothing and rape.
    • The desire to have sexual relations starts from the mind, making self-control an important virtue that prevents rape (Dripps, 1992).
    • Rape is a predetermined act by the perpetrator. In most cases, the perpetrator builds up the mindset to commit rape, only waiting for an opportune time to commit the offense. Such a process does not depend on the woman’sclothing.
    • In some instances, it is very difficult to explain the reason for a very old man raping a five year old girl, regardless of whether she is decently dressed or not. This scenario nullifies clothing as a factor of rape. Therefore, rape comes from the criminal mindset to commit the offense.
    • Sporting events like athletics, swimming and volleyball could be great opportunities for rape, considering the type of clothing in these places. The participants do wear tight pants and very short skirts as per the events’ nature.
    • Decent and scanty clothing are not the courses or the preventive measures towards the occurrences of rape in the society. The people with the mindset of rape will commit the crime, regardless the type or size of the clothes by the women.
    1. Causes of Rape
    • The main reason for rape is the desire to gratify sexual desire. An uncontrolled sexual appetite by a man can easily lead to rape.
    • Some men commit rape in order to elicit revenge due to a perceived wrong in the past.
    1. Types of Rape

    4.1 Date Rape- such occurs when all parties know each other. In most cases, it happens between persons who have started developing a relationship between them.

    4.2 Spousal Rape- This takes place between couples; where the male or female partner decides to enforce sexual intercourse to suggest authority and strength.

    4.3 Gang Rape- is the forceful sexual intercourse committed by many people.

    4.4 War Rape- is rape committed during wartime by the military personnel and other persons at war (Koss & Harvey, 1991).

    1. Conclusion
    • It is clear that rape starts from the mind of the perpetrator. The blame lies on the person who hascommitted such an offense. Psychologists note some of the main reasons for rape like revenge, the desire to show male dominance over the females and rejection on a date. Clothing preferences do not appear as factorsthat contribute towards the crime. Other factors like upbringing, environment and history of the family may also contribute to such behaviors. Therefore, a woman’s clothing choices is not a reason for rape




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