Sample Argumentative Essay on Why Chinese Mothers wants American Babies

In recent times, there have been several cases where Chinese women desired to visit the United States with a main reason of having to bear children in American soil.  A critical analysis shows that tens of thousands of Chinese women do all they can possible to ensure that they give birth within the US soil by catering for their travel expenses and medical bills. This is a common practice, especially among wealthy families. The Shanghai Business Daily reports of the emergence of organizations encouraging this practise emerging solely for the purposes of training expectant mothers to even lie to the immigration officers within the United States in order to ensure they give birth in the US. Despite the idea being seen as no correct do support the initiatives by the Chinese women since it has more advantages to them and their families as seen discussed below.

Chinese expecting mothers visit the United States in order to give birth to children who will have US citizenship. This is provided in the US law to whoever is born in Countries soil. This booming birth tourism acts as a ladder for Chinese families to be able to easily get passports to the United States. This relieves them from the growing social stress in China like pollution and food security frights.

Having an American citizen among the Chinese families provides a leeway that there will economically support to them once they achieve the age of 21 years. The US is considered as one of the strongest economic power in the world and having one of a family member being part of its National is a sure providence of better pastures economically in the future

Chinese women also use this concept as a way of doing away with the one-child policy that has been established on their nation. According to Rowan, this policy is steadily being relaxed but still some women find it difficult to come in terms with it. This restriction has not been well taken well with all families. Having children with United States citizenship exempts them. Additionally, the children too are well priority in accessing quality education in better international schools in China and perform even better (Zhao & Qiu 340).

Reasons for having children with the US citizenship among Chinese women has far reaching advantages that has seen many families adopt this plan. In as much the plan involves some form of dishonesty, it is healthy for the Chinese especially keeping in mind their large population and minimum resources.

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