Sample Argumentative Essay on what Specific Action(S) Should Christians Take Regarding the Environment and Its Preservation or Restoration?


Thesis statement: Christians are the largest religious group in the world. Therefore, this community has a workforce that in one way or the other are able to conserve and restore the environment to its desired state. The rapid growth of population has seen the demand for energy go up over the years. In effect, environmental degradation and pollution results as people destroy the environment in an attempt to sustain the increased demand for energy. The church leadership has a major role to play when it comes to environmental conservation. Church members are supposed to get teachings and motivation to conserve the environment from their leaders. This is because all the leaders are always looked up to and their pieces of information adhered to with minimal resistance. Furthermore, individuals should involve in daily activities that tend to favor the state of the environment. The Christian community should, therefore, live a lifestyle that promotes environmental conservation and restoration.

The fact that this is the largest religious group on the planet means that they interact with almost two-thirds of the world’s population. For this reason, Christians are supposed to reach out to the rest of the world to motivate others to conserve the environment and engage in activities that tend to restore its state. However, the Christian community itself is in a capacity to attend to environmental needs. The various churches in different parts of the world have the mandate to have members get to work rather than reaching out to the general public. This is even better because managing the program would be easier as opposed to a group of individuals who lack self-motivation.


The moderate and progressive corruption and exhaustion of nature is an issue of sympathy toward all people paying little mind to social station, religious alliance or race. This is genuine unless the individual chooses to stay in oblivion. The world’s surroundings are being exhausted and destroyed by a consolidated exertion of human practices and some characteristic events. Industrialization has prompted the exponential rate of increment of man’s interest for energy extracted from fossils, regular types of vitality and the era of waste products. The Christian community is the single group that has enough workforce and resources that can be used to stop further destruction of nature and start preservation efforts.


Man’s interest for vitality prompts the ceaseless consumption of the world’s forest reserves and the emanation of carbon of dioxide, which both lead to environmental degradation. Characteristic exercises incorporate volcanoes that lead into the discharge of gasses that are harmful to human health into the environment with regard to the desired state of nature. As a matter of fact, man is just enriched with various components of the environment; there has not yet been the disclosure of life in different planets. This implies the annihilation of nature will bring about a definitive extinction of mankind. This makes it all the more vital for all people to moderate nature.

The congregation and Christian by and large should not to be abandoned in these endeavors of monitoring the earth. Christianity is the absolute most human association that has the most to offer in as far as environmental conservation is concerned. This accompanies two focal points. One is that any activity that the congregation wills have the most impact because of the way of the numbers it summons. Besides is that the religious gathering is established on great ethics, morals, and faithfulness. This implies the subject of ecological preservation will at present be in the extent of the Christian foundation.

The principal activity that the congregation should take conduct campaigns on the impacts of degradation of nature and their part in the entire issue. In the event that the Christians are educated on the gravity of the issue, then they will undoubtedly welcome the entire thought and endeavor towards fighting for environmental conservation. As mentioned earlier, the congregation would have a simple route approaching this. This is on account of the book of scriptures, which is their primary wellspring of motivation, contains various lessons concerning living in agreement with ones encompassing. The primary book of the book of scriptures: the book of Genesis highlights on man being given the power and capacity to tend to the earth and all that it contains. This will give the Christians the driving force to make a move towards preservation of the environment. Christians will wind up realizing that they have an obligation over the protection of nature, and they ought not to abandon it to other ecological associations.

In the wake of having learning on the impacts and the requirement for ecological preservation, the following activity that Christians should take concerning this issue is to change their ways of life to adjust to ways that don’t in any capacity harm the surrounding. This will incorporate reusing a large portion of their waste items and dealing with their squanders. In numerous countries, there are assigned receptacles and focuses where people should dump their waste items. These incorporate plastics, biodegradable items, recyclable items and so on.

The Christians should keep an eye on the automobile emissions. At present, the innovation has progressed to such an extent that there are naturally security autos that are both agreeable and conservative. This makes it superfluous for people to buy costly fuel guzzlers that are both uneconomical and destructive to the environment. Christians should be more worried about the items they are buying and the organizations that make them. In the paper business, there are organizations known to demolish entire woods without taking the fundamental activity of reestablishing them.

Christians should buy paper from organizations that have policies of having reforestation ventures to reestablish the trees that have been cut down. A decent case is an organization like home station. This organization spends significant time in the supply of family items. As an arrangement, the organization just procures its items from organizations that take after and are enlisted with the ecological security board. This implies not all that matters in their procedures is acquired to the detriment of the environment. Christians should buy family unit items from such departmental stores. This will proceed to serve as an impulse to different wholesalers to watch such strategies prompting more conservational endeavors by organizations

Christians should consolidate the issue of natural protection together with their spreading of the gospel. Christians have confidence in spreading their convictions to others in the group. This is engraved in their lessons of sparkling their light in the obscurity. Christians are a group is confident and believe that they are the ones with the information of how man is truly expected to be and to live. Their principle design is to spread this uplifting news to the whole world and in this manner making changes with regard to their teachings.

Having had the learning on the essentialness of moderating the earth, Christians should educate their groups on the same and make them mindful of the gravity of the subject matter. This would incorporate directing strong campaigns where individuals from other religious groups are taught on the advantages conserving the environment and the outcomes of destroying it. They ought to direct instructive campaigns in schools and other instructive target groups on the significance of little demonstrations of not littering, keeping an eye on waste administration.

People finish tasks much faster as a gathering than as individuals. In light of this, it would be judicious for Christians to sign up and shape associations that have the principle point of monitoring nature. Associations have a more say to impact real organizations to correct their ecologically perilous ways. These associations are to lead crusades to constrain the legislature in making it unlawful for industriesand other production units to direct their exercises with environmental conservation in mind. This will prompt the establishment of laws that make it necessary for organizations and enterprises to direct their exercises in more ecologically friendly ways.


The associations could lead cleanup crusades in those places that have been adversely affected. For instance, the Christian associations could rally their individuals into a cleanup crusade to seashores that have been dirtied by oil slicks. The associations could likewise direct tree-planting effort to territories that have been deforested by man’s exercises. Every one of these endeavors could go far in guaranteeing that both the present era and future eras get the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of this environment persistently.




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