Sample Argumentative Essay on the Right Time For Young People To Marry

To some people, marriage is one of the most important lifetime goals. It is a special union that they hope they will enjoy with their loving partners. Some people prefer to marry as soon as they find their soul mates while others plan to marry at a later date. In many parts of the world, the legal age for marriage is eighteen years on average. Therefore, individuals are at liberty to marry and get married as soon as they are in their late teenage years. However, marrying at a young age is a risky venture. Marriage is a huge commitment that requires a financial backing, dedication, trust, and a stable mind. These are characteristics that are not common in many young people. People should wait until they are mature and have stable careers before they think of marriage.

Young Marriages are Doomed

Marriage is a huge commitment that requires the full participation of both partners. Some people argue that marrying young is better because the couple will navigate their twenties, and will be more successful in reaching their academic and professional goals. However, this is not practical most of the times because a young person is still changing a lot. A person who is between 18 and 20 years is changing a lot in terms of their maturity. It is during this time that most people at the peak of their education and still yet to figure out and launch their career. Marrying at this stage that is unstable at best is a recipe for disaster. This is because the stability required in a successful marriage lacks in a young person working to handle new adult responsibilities.

A successful marriage is dependent on several factors and variables. Key among these factors is the level of resources that both parties bring into the marriage. Again, the factor of age comes into play again because the ability to be financially stable improves with age for many young people. Financial struggles in marriage have been cited as one of the leading factors of divorce. The financial problems have the potential to put a lot of stress on a marriage and limit its longevity. In the case that the young couple decides to have children, the financial strain is doubled with the responsibility of child-rearing. Some people argue that if two people love each other, it should not matter how old they are when they decide to get married. However, a young marriage is often met by unique challenges epitomized by immaturity and financial challenges. Although some marriages may be successful, a majority may not last a few years before separation and divorce are considered.


Young marriages are often put to the test of many challenges compared to marriages conducted by mature individuals of probably twenty-eight years. Financial struggles, academic pressure, immaturity, and commitment are some of the many factors that expose young marriages to the risk of divorce. Some people believe that commitment is all that is required to have a successful marriage irrespective of the age of a couple. However, the maturity and stability of an older couple cannot be compared to that of a young couple. People should wait until they are mature and have a stable career to marry.