Sample Argumentative Essay on The death sentence

The death penalty, which is sometimes known as capital punishment is a process by the law where a criminal is killed for committing a crime which has the punishment of such state. A lot of crime committers are executed globally through this act. It does not make sense when people face such punishments in the twenty-first century.  Several debates surround this matter with a lot of people opposing it. In some countries, even the minorities have been executed and many other astonishing cases of mentally challenged people being executed too. The death penalty is an ancient punishment, in that countries that are still applying this kind of punishment are backward regarding legal systems.

This type of punishment is old age and has been there for a long time; it is one of the practices that are to be abolished. There have been a lot of challenges that this practice has faced from different sources. The people opposing it believe that it is a cruel act.  It does not make sense that it is still being practiced in the modern society despite the existence of human rights and freedoms. To support the human rights activists, it is true that people do not deserve such kind of punishment regardless of the crime and guilt. It is a global thing that everybody has a right to life, and justice can never be shown through another murder. The judiciary should find a way of punishing capital offenders instead of imposing the death penalty on such criminals. Therefore, this type of punishment should be abolished as it does not match the current society that we live in.