Sample Argumentative Essay on Spider Man: the Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider man is a superhero movie giving a story of a teenager called Peter Parker whose parents abandoned him at his aunt’s place while he was young and never came back. He later becomes spider man after he stumbles on his father’s documents and begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance. Peter learns of his father’s colleague Dr. Curt Connors at Oscorp where he sneaks into a lab where he is bitten by a spider who’s hereditary is modified, giving him spider like abilities. Parker is engaged in a committal relationship with his high school crush, engaged in confrontations with Dr. Curt Connors’ alter ego- a mutated lizard and uses his super human abilities to become a hero. The Amazing Spiderman is an interesting movie that is well directed and has attributes that suits its audience as it depicts the typical experiences and desires of a teenager.
Amazing Spider Man being a super hero movie would be judged using the following criteria based on a set of characteristics such as the credibility of actors, the use of fiction in a compelling and convincing way. One would also use the thematic representation of facts related to reality, the presentation of actions by use of sounds and motion. Above all the movie has to entertaining since most of the actions portrayed are an imagination rather than what really happens in reality thus termed as fictional.
This movie is compelling as well as comical. Several critics have praised it for its ability to embrace audiences of both sexes terming it as warm and funny. The romance between Garfield and Stone is real and ecstatic. This element of the movie is a good depiction of college romance.  According to “International Business Times”, the casting of the movie makes it impeccable. It is presented with intense drama, technical gloss and humor (2). All the characters used especially the main actor; Peter Parker and his girlfriend Gwen convey a real life story throughout the movie. They act real and credible to the youth and teenagers. They present the audience with the impression of real life lovers.
The depiction of Peter Parker as the superman reflects the aspirations of every audience. Peter becomes the world’s savior: he snatches every falling car using his web and in the process saves a small boy from a burning car, when the Lizard intends to make all humans lizard-like, Spiderman confronts him and after a fight on top of Oscorp towers, he disperses an antidote, which restores Connors and every other victim. Before Captain Stacy’s death, Peter vows to him that he would ensure Gwen is safe which he does. Holland says that Spiderman is everyman’s hero (289).  This character is enticing to the audience since in life everyone would love to stand out and be the best in the society just as Peter is.
This movie also is a depiction of the post 9/11 terror attacks that occurred in America. It embraces the contradictory wishes and desires of Americans. It shows a superhero that is presented differently yet it helps America pick up its pieces from the dark past. Peter Parker is dressed in white, blue and red costume – symbolizing the American flag thus portrays a good and clean national identity. Holland explains that Spider Man repeats, but reiterates traumatic images of collapsing buildings and falling bodies and restores Peter Parker, the vulnerable superhero who symbolizes the nation, to his full power and glory (290). She also says that Spider-Man 2 is a vital cultural film that attends to the desires of 9/11 Americans (290).
 The color of his costume also gives America the same character as his. In the superhero costume, Spider-Man symbolizes the America of exceptional discourse:  he is presented as superhuman, courageous, self-sacrificing, and protective of the weak (Holland 291). He stands out to overcome all the challenges he faces. While young Peter is abandoned by his parents at his aunt’s place. Later on, he disagrees with his uncle and walks out. This does not hamper him from achieving his dream of being the best to save his country. In real sense, America has since stood out to be a super power in the world. It has come out to overcome its challenges and enemies. This is evident in the way America has been able to fight terrorism in several ways such as the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda leader  Mohammed Fazul.
When watching this Hollywood movie, it was hard to see the disaster if you are not used to this type of movie. This film made a good amount of cash although Sony was expecting more than worldwide. This movie happened and no one for sure Sony hack is what made the webs tenure on spider man to end. They have thought of eliminating him but Sony was disinterested in making deals with the marvel. The conversation between the marvel and Sony was dead and no deal could raise (Gerde and Spencer 249). The Spiderman was the only real and dependable that could get them more than a billion worldwide per picture. In the movie, we see the Pascal killing the reboot series and gave the reigns to the marvel. Everyone is left with curious duo logy. I am surprised how society will look back to these movies in the forthcoming years. The story is unfinished and with indications that the story will continue. The motto used by the character was “with more power comes with more responsibility”. The society use the slogan in their duties since the more powerful a person becomes, the more duties he is given.
. In the movie, we see Doc Ock demanding the Spiderman body. Then a man immediately stood in front and bursts that if you going to kill Spiderman then you need to start by me. Then another voice from a man at the back was heard saying me too and a lady shouted and me. The film was meant to protect the weaker group in society. Spiderman is acting as a hero and he must regain his power to protect every member of the society who is weak. We have seen Spiderman trying to stop the train and in the act prevented the train from plummeting unfinished truck. The audience can now be convinced for a superhero individual who is invincible and exceptional.
A hero in society is admired for courage. In the movie, the super hero who is Spiderman is revealed the only human and respected by many for his daring deeds. This movie has moral lessons to the audience that happiness in our life is temporarily and most of our future remains uncertain. We have also seen the MJ and Parker having exchange of vow of their love to each other. At the moment the Spiderman and the MJ run away leaving a perplexing picture of the devastating everyone to death inside (Pearson and William 2). The audiences are left wondering how the future will be and hold after MJ face a horrific shot that filled the shade. In society, we have people who confess the murder of their family members and even the loved ones. In the movie, we have seen parker confessing with courage to his Aunt May that he was involved for the death of his uncle Ben (Genter 950). At first, many people fill badly about the confessing person. In the movie, we have seen Aunt May first withdrawing but soon she forgives him. There was a boy who admired Spiderman and he want to grow up and be Spiderman. Aunt May explained to Parker that everyone loves a hero. People in the society will always love those courageous and self-sacrificing individuals. Spiderman saved the MJ’s life.
In conclusion, the whole production of Spiderman movie is remarkable and deserves its category as a superhero movie. It out rightly embraces all the needed characteristics of a movie of this genre has credible and convincing actors and above all is entertaining and very convincing through the synchronization of both the sound and actions. It depicts fiction as though it would really happen in life.

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