Sample Argumentative Essay on is it Fair for Companies to Employ Children or Teenagers?

Employing of teenagers and children

Society today agitates for equal rights and justice for everyone respective of age, gender or any other factor that may come up. The phrase equal in this case does not represent one particular issue but general vices that come up in life. Young individuals should have the same opportunities in all dimensions just like the older ones. These opportunities should not be discriminative as long as someone has the capabilities to effectively execute a task.

One of the major reasons why teenagers should be hired in companies today is their ability to co-exist and the technological expertise that they quickly cope with as compared to the elderly. Young minds have are quick to learn and with the increasing use of technology they will provide the better deal for growing companies that uses technology. There is also the problem that comes with ego; a teenager won’t feel inferior while working under an individual who is less knowledgeable or skilled to him/her.

Denying teenagers opportunities to exploit their abilities through work raises a culture that has no focus on what it intends to achieve. There are cases of children being born geniuses in particular roles therefore underutilizing these skills results to wastage. To build a dependable culture in future, teenagers should be given opportunities in companies so as to set a good precedent for a society that aims to develop since development should be a collaborative initiative.

Though education is key for every individual in the society, we have encountered instances where an individual doesn’t utilize the skills studied in school but only depend on their personal skills. Proper utilization of the skills in this case is key compared to knowledge acquired in school. It’s therefore fundamental that skill be identified and utilized accordingly regardless of the age, gender or even race.