Sample Argumentative Essay on Human Indifferences


From the two arguments, Klosterman ideas are based on two distinct parties all arising from human individualities. The relationships that the two parties share in communal and the trivialities arising from them are his major concern. Klosterman’s aim was to resolve the conflicts arising from the two concerned parties and thereafter creating a conducive coexistence among humans. According to him, humans have strongly expressed racism especially when it comes to pop culture. The interaction from one individual to another has also raised concerns about how they communicate and relate. It is necessary to pinpoint where these indifferences arise from yet the subject of discussion is a single character and that is human beings.

Common Patterns

It is evident that from the two essays, Klosterman revolves around human beings and insignificant negativities that diverge from them. We see the party that shares the same origin and that has a lot in common living on its own and trying to defend its cultural values based on skin color and language is spoken. A good example can be cited from the whites full of superiority complex who regard the blacks as inferiors. At the same time, the blacks tend to uphold their cultural values and cease foreign alienation by considering what is white’s to be white’s. This scenario has maintained the gap between the two involved parties. On the other hand, a similar incident is replicated when Klosterman asks this pretentious question like why do individuals talk? the answers are well known to him but he still goes on to pose the question anyway. Communication in this case brings the same idea of two parties being involved. From the two situations, Klosterman tries to merge these two parties to relate and integrate as one from the point that they are all humans (Klosterman46).

In both cases, the character involved is a human being and their actions are the ones that bring all the disparities observed among them.  The big question is, “will humans ever live and relate as one?”

Pop Culture

The music industry has widely supported the creation of human indifference. From the producers to the listeners is all based on racism hence the emergence of both local and urban categories. The blacks being considered as locals will appreciate their own and criticize the whites. The same case applies to the whites whereby they consider theirs as superior (Sampson 152). Considering hip-hop, it is produced with intention of a white as a major audience and recipient. The fact that the whites are many in numbers most of the pop culture produced will target them making the production industry dominate a one-dimension figure. Talents will be seen to emerge from the whites and recognized easily compared to those from the blacks. Talents from the blacks are rarely recognized because the whites due to their minority number usually suppress them.

It is important that this racial discrimination comes to end because the consequences that follow are adverse. Conflicts will arise between these two parties that will lead to the falling of the pop industry. Appreciating once the culture is recommended for the smooth running in the industry. It is the only way that the blacks will cease being inferior and avoid being embarrassed as well as being humiliated in the public. Bearing in mind we are living in a dynamic world where change cannot be avoided, the whites should lower their ego and consider the blacks as equals. It’s the only way a coherent relationship can be established to curb the gap between these two (Sampson 178).

The pop industry should also cease being one dimension to accommodate personnel from all walks of life. Diversification, therefore, is inevitable.


According to Klosterman, talking is the basic tool of communication among individuals. People will find a need to engage themselves in talking for various reasons. He says that individuals will engage in a conversation to impress someone of which trying to impress another person raises one’s self-esteem. Self-worthiness is one of the things experienced when one tries to impress the other. Besides, Klosterman adds that talking enables people to share information by informing and getting informed. During interviews, the shared information rekindles the personnel concerned contest (Klosterman 34).

Lastly talking enables individuals to create connection or disconnection in relationships. Individuals will engage in healthy relationships through communication. At the same time, individuals will terminate relationships they already have through arguments which is part of talking. Talking is therefore important in bridging the gap caused by human indifferences (Farb 56).



Disparities among humans can be eliminated if our indifferences are overlooked and assimilated in persons around us. Race should never be used to determine those that are superior from those who are inferior. This is because we are all equal and we deserve equal chances in life. Humans should coexist as brothers and sisters with only one aim, to enhance the unity among them. Peaceful living should prevail across the universe.


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