Sample Admission Essay Paper on an APUS Degree

The American Public University System (APUS) serves as one of the many distance learning programs in the States whereby an individual is conferred with a degree without having to step into a class. Different from the other “traditional” degrees and graduate programs, the APUS was initiated in 1991 and serves as a for-profit university. It is insinuated that the university program was established as a typical venture for profit-making where cost should not supersede sales which in this case, the number of students subscribed to the program. For this fact, the APUS is an open program seeking to expand opportunities to many students- considered a bias to making a profit. For this reason, the system faces surmountable criticisms plus prior alienation given to the for-profit graduate programs. However, it can be denoted that such criticisms are unfounded.

The APUS program is accredited by the highest form of accreditation called regional accreditation. The school is accredited by the North Central Association of colleges and Schools means degrees acquired through the system can be utilized for anything including gaining admissions to graduate schools. Apart from this, the program also partners with organizations such as Wal-Mart and others in the respective degree programs offered by the system. The APUS similar to the American Military University exists under one company with the only difference being the latter offers programs that align to security and security enforcement. Therefore, with an APUS degree, one can seek employment in local governments and other governmental agencies. The stigma behind the APUS can thus be deemed unwarranted.

The APUS has its advantages and drawbacks ignoring the non-evidenced criticisms. One of the advantages is that the system is relatively cheap and has an easy application procedure. The other advantage underlies convenience as compared to other traditional degree systems with the professors seemingly qualified to teach their respective subjects. However, the APUS is not ranked in the collegiate listings that may serve as a major limitation in validating the quality of its programs and learning processes. In addition, the many criticisms have in fact given it an unremarkable repute that serves negative judgment even before ample research. It is also unknown and unfamiliar to many. Weighing the different sides of the coin it is inconsequential to write off the validity and reliability of the system due to its drawbacks. The education system and degrees conferred by APUS are valid and recognized by educational governing bodies and a multiplicity of organizations and this is all that matters.