Sample Admission Essay on Why I Want to Attend Stern

I feel delighted to submit my application to the New York University’s Stern School to pursue an undergraduate program in business. My dream is to emerge a professional in business studies and help transform the world by inventing new models of operations that deliver much more to the investors. I have faith in Stern to impact me with this knowledge. The institution’s proven record of academic excellence has motivated me to seek enrolment and acquire the skills required for meeting my long-term academic desires.

Math is my favorite subject, but I also fare well in other areas. I believe being skilled in math is an essential competence that lays a good foundation for all the business courses. Therefore, I feel well equipped to pursue an undergraduate program in business as my passion is in line with my capabilities. I hope to benefit from the institution’s instructors who demonstrate their dedication to the students’ excellence by availing themselves for consultations even outside of class. The school has modern libraries to facilitate research programs which further promotes independent studying where learners can concentrate on improving their weak areas. As a result, students aspiring to grow into competent businesspeople have an ideal platform to practice critical thinking skills vital in managing the daily challenges that confront businesses.

I am a disciplined individual who adheres to the rules and regulations of an institution. I interact well with both students and the teaching staff and make the best out of these relationships. I value diversity and treat people from diverse backgrounds with respect. I believe the Stern School will be a platform for me to learn about the values of different ethnicities. As a result, I will develop cultural competence key in managing today’s diverse workforce. I look forward to joining the Stern family.