Sample Admission Essay on Community Living Agreement

Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) has an established community living agreement, which directs all its members on how to carry themselves within the institution’s environment, as well as in the community. The institution’s mission is to offer higher education within a Christian community where character is modeled and transformed to express Christian faith. Students who join the institution are expected to maintain good conducts, which are guided by the Holy Spirit.

Accountability and integrity are some of the vital values of PLNU, and are reinforced by spiritual life. Every action within the institution should be directed by the Bible teachings. Any form of cheating is intolerable in this institution, and could amount to dismissal. Students are advised to maintain Christian principles as part of the institution’s values, in addition to community participation. They are expected to live a purposeful life, which aims at developing a caring and supporting community. While the institution is dedicated to respect personal responsibility, students are cautioned of using profane language and engaging in unacceptable forms of entertainment during their free time.

The challenges of joining PLNU are numerous, as one should be a Christian, who understands the purpose of serving the community. If you are not a dedicated Christian, PLNUwill not suit you, as attending chapel services is compulsory. The institution expects students to develop a common behavior that is based on Christian principles. Additionally, students are required to undertake three religion courses, which are part of the general education requirements. Students are required to refrain from using alcoholic beverages, smoking tobacco, and other prohibited substances. The principles outlined in this agreement are binding once a student signs the Application for Admission.