Sample Admission Essay on Application to California Baptist University

Student’s Address:

January 13, 2017.


To California Baptist University,

8432 Magnolia Ave,

Riverside, CA 92504

Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like to undertake a degree in film in California Baptist University. I believe that the university has the capacity to shape my career in film through offering the best courses, as well as an attractive environment for studying. Your training program in film major is among the most competitive in the industry, thus, I want to take an advantage of this opportunity.

My interest in film studies began when Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew visited our school in one of their impromptu visits. I was quite young, but I was deeply interested with what I saw and heard from them. Thus, undertaking a degree in California Baptist University would enable me to develop skills to communicate with other students, in addition to creating connection with former students who have excelled in this course. I am particularly interested in directing, acting, video art, and film technology.

Besidesgaining academic prowess, I also aspire toassist communities through film studies. I have been involved in a volunteer service in an institution of the disabled, whereI assisted in filming a documentary on the plight of the disabled in our community. I am also an excellent basketball player; hence, I would be happy to exercise my talentin the university’s team.

Joining California Baptist University would offer a challenge, but I am ready to face it, as overcoming the challenge would enable me to set a good example to other students. Additionally, challenges would be vital in sharpening my skills in filming. With your assistance, I know I can gain valuable information concerning different cultures through interpretive skills.

It is my hope that you will consider my request, that I may become one of your students, and I promise that I will not let the institution down. I am looking forward for your correspondence to become one of the students who have their names in this institution.

Yours Sincerely,