Sample Admission Essay on Application for Summer Program for High School Student

Indeed, it has been my desire that one day I will have a chance to pursue a course in Architecture since my young age, with an interest in becoming an interior designer. Currently, I am a Grade 9 student at Morrison Academy Kaohsiung Campus and wish to apply for High School student Summer Program at University of Southern California, intending to pursue courses in Exploration of Architecture, 3D Design and Photocopying as well as Introduction to Video Game Design. To begin with, I have always felt naturally that I am suited for an Architect career. Whenever I would come across to an interior premise, I would start to think of any possible way to reorganize that space. In addition, my harnessed spatial insight and enhanced creative capabilities have always been exposed long before I began schooling. Another thing that has helped me a lot is the multicultural setting I was brought up in. There is nothing that has improved my imagination that much than the communications I have had with students who had diverse cultural settings. I got captivated by their cultures, which have enhanced my architectural views as well as broadened my intelligence to a great extent. Such an understanding of my thinking is significant, particularly for those architects who struggle with meeting manifold desires of different customers.

While at Morrison Academy, I have become familiarized to cutting edge techniques in architecture, including vital handy program tools for all advanced architect 3D design. This has impacted an important knowledge that has improved my entire productivity and performance in class. Besides, I realize how important it is for a proficient architect to possess a good business head on the creative and inventive shoulders. According to my consideration, this profession is essential and multifaceted that applies on both conceptual developments of a specific design as well as in its proper implementation and management, which go along with coordinating with stakeholders. Therefore, during my last semesters, I have been working to the best on my portfolio, while trying to incorporate every reputable work I have done away with during my previous years. Hence, I sincerely believe that it would be versatile and impressive for my future company. However, I am carrying on with it, enhancing portfolio with the latest advancements on a regular basis. In this case, my desire to apply for this Summer Program is due to the variety of programs offered at the university that I believe will boost my knowledge towards my profession. I desire to become more acknowledged and skilled enough to look for a better employment in future.

My choice for University of Southern California is because of its unique place to live and study and offers most of the Architectural programs. Every aspect of the school seems to boost studies due to the guidance offered by faculty members as well as challenges from students within the entire university community. This creates an environment that will facilitate me pursue my interests as well as discover new ones as I determine my future career path. As I went through the school’s brochure, I recognized that there is a huge range of opportunities, mainly excellent architectural facilities in the department, such as 3D software, photocopiers, computer lab and others. These facilities will enable me to gain useful experience to boost my productivity and performance. The program will also offer me an opportunity to intermingle with other students and share knowledge together. I am enthusiastic to apply all my attained understanding into practice with a unique diligence, exceptional productivity and outstanding imaginary I have gained so far.